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Re: Question For Audio Engineers

by imagehopper » Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:27 pm

Wow you did a lot of work to figure that out cowboy thank you.

Re: Question For Audio Engineers

by rovingcowboy » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:58 pm

it never fails.
just asking for help and i figured it out about 3 hours later.
i just got done fixing the album and thought to come post how i did it so any others might find help.


okay i got the high fidelity album in the computer.
it was not easy so first i should say this.

it was an album that was only recording the high notes and the high midrange notes with any volume to them.
it was not recording the low or the low midrange with volume. it did in fact sound like the music went silent from the needle noise as it was playing the album.
but it did record the lower notes enough that i could use the computer software to boost them.

now here is what i did.
1. got the album it says high fidelity on it and played it on the usb turntable.
2. used the program of audacity to record the sound in to the computer.
3. saved the whole album as one big wav file.
4. opened and played the whole album in mediamonkey.
where i used the equalizer to its full advantage, as in i boosted all the freq's on it one at a time until i got the organ to sound like a hammond organ is to sound.
then i boosted the preamp to replace the volume in the lower notes.
5. i then used a patch cord from the one computer to a second computer.
6. i used audacity in the second computer for recording the song through the sound card's line in port.
7. i adjusted the sound card's equalizer settings to get the best sound again with as much volume as i could get.
8. i then i would select one song out of the ablum wave and use audacity's many tools mostly the equalizer then the normalizer, every now and then i used the compressor tool and the amplifier tool. but i did them as follows; eq setting to adjust midtones, then to adjust treble if needed. then also if needed i would adjust the volume to lower it enough to use the normalizer and keep it as loud as i could. or i would use the compressor or very last the leveler to keep it all even peaks to the sine wave. and the last thing i did was remove the noise and the clicks and pops, why last? because the songs were to low in volume to hear the noise as different from the music.
once i had the music and not the noise i would use the normalizer to -0.02 setting and then save the wav file.
9. when that was all done and saved to an ogg file i then played them in mediamonkey to make sure of the sound.
and doing all this brought the high fidelity LP album to a volume level that does not make you sick when you listen to it.


Question For Audio Engineers

by rovingcowboy » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:32 am

okay i've got a hard one here.

this album is kicking my but all over the place. sounds strange right? well if you change the but to head in that statement you will know the album is an High Fidelity album. and it really does kick me in the head makes me get sick like on a roller coaster. i mean the sound is just up loud, then down low then soft and low then screaming loud.

i know they don't do this on other albums where people are playing the same instrument and same song. but this one is very hard to listen to. i've been trying to add it in the computer now for some time. i've done it two or three times over and this last time i've edited it and edited it everywhich way you can adjust the tracks that i can think of.
boosted treble, cut treble, boosted bass, cut bass, boosted midtones, cut midtones, and any number of combo's of those. and used leveler and the compressor and just can not seem to find the combo to get these songs to play normally.

in case the words i used above don't show you what is going on then imagine a roller coster how the track goes smoothly up and down and with some steep hills.
now take that track and start off normal and then stretch it up 3 miles and go for a few hundred feet then drop it down half way with a smooth slope. then a few more hundred feet of that, and drop it down in to an tunnel for a few thousand feet. sounds like a fun ride but in music when that happens every few seconds you get sick.

i've tried to get that track to smooth in to a slope to the tunnel or even not go that low. but i just can't find the right tool to use.
so do any of you audio mixing engineers have the answer as how to fix these songs that do that.

oh by the way it is an album of organ music by bob kames. and i have several of his albums and they all do the same thing. but the ken griffin albums i have don't do that. :-?