Trouble with MMA setup

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Trouble with MMA setup

by nynaevelan » Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:27 pm


I am having a little trouble getting my android syncing setup correctly to sync the way I wish it to. I have been using android app off and on because my syncing issues. So I would appreciate some wise suggestions on what my setups should be in order to accomplish the correct syncing. I want to be able to sync my tracks and playlists to the android device. The only thing I want to sync from the device to MM is the playcounts, because that is the only changes from the device I care about. I have MM setup to sync specific playlists to the device's external card and to remove everything from the device that is not on those playlists. On the device I have Delete unselected content copies and Delete all unselected copies selected. Listed below is the behavior I am seeing, how do I get it setup correctly. I am currently on MM4.1.4.1709 and MMA. and MMA Pro.1.0.5. Help, please?? I do not care whether the device syncs by wifi or usb, I just need one to sync it as I need it to.

syncing by wifi

1. syncs playlists with the hierarchy which is in MM - I want this behavior
2. does not sync playcounts back to MM - I do not want this behavior, how do I get the playcounts to sync back by wifi?

syncing by usb

1. syncs playlists without the hierarchy in MM - I do not want this behavior, how do I get it to sync with the hierarchy?
2. syncs playcounts back to MM - I want this behavior


EDIT: I forgot to add, my device is a Galaxy S4.