Post Win 10 update my MM is utterly different

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Post Win 10 update my MM is utterly different

Post by JETSOLVER » Tue Oct 24, 2017 5:45 pm

Hi... I have been using MM for several years as a gold user. I purchased the gold because I have over 65000 files and approx. 3TB of music...and because I didn't need to screw around with the thing. I just installed the huge 5G creator update for win 10 (5Gigs!) and now I can't find the lyrics window that used to be in the lower right corner, and where I had 10 albums per row, I now only have 7 max. As such, I uninstalled MM and reinstalled...and now...its a mess and is making me crazy trying to just get back to what I had yest evening!!!

I assume what I was using was the minilyrics downloaded and joy. It is NOT available under the view where did it go?

As well, the size of my lifetime collection mandates more than 7 albums (I only use the art view, as you can imagine, the text runs too days long...) per row, how/why did that change?

Just a thought, occasionally I will double click something unknown while trying to edit an albums metadata (yes, it is a full time job) and things disappear or change, and as a not interested in fiddling with it user...the entire setup desperately needs an UNDO feature to prevent the screaming frustration when stuff like this happens.

Thanks for reading and any thoughts...