multiple devices, primary storage often offline

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multiple devices, primary storage often offline

Post by prosodyspeaks » Mon Jun 24, 2019 11:27 am

hi, long time user, massive fan, huge advocate!

im trying to get my library in order and a system for multi-device usage established which will automatically keep things vaguely in order as new music comes in from the various devices, there are currently 20k+ songs, about 160gb. please bear with this post as it's a bit involved - i've tried to be clear, and suspect that the finished system would be useful to others who use multiple devices and dont always have access to the primary storage location.

i) i run:
- MMGold on a Surface Pro 3 ("MMG")
- MMPro on 2x androids ("MMP1, "MMP2")
- Rockbox* on a sandisk sansa clip ("RB")

ii) i have music stored on:
* Windows:
- 1tb lacie external ("HDD")
- C: drive of a Surface Pro 3 ("SP3")
* Peripheral devices
- 200gb msd in a galaxy S7 ("MSD200")
- local storage of a galaxy s6 ("S6")
- 64gb msd in the sansa ("MSD64")
- local storage of sansa ("SANSA")

iii) i live in a van and am not always able to have MMG running, and even when it is, HDD is not always connected. if i plan to change a lot of files on one of the MSDs i put it directly into SP3 integrated card reader.

iv) new music is incoming on all devices.

v) Peripheral devices are synced to individual playlists. i.e. i (will) have playlists called 'SP3' 'MSD64', 'MSD200', 'S6', 'SANSA' .

Desired Scope:
i) HDD is primary archive. all music should be present here. if any other location is found to contain music which is not present on HDD that music should be copied there. As HDD may not be connected i figure a local folder on SP3 can function as a temporary holding area.

ii) if peripheral device is connected MMG scans folders as per sync settings.
if MMG finds new music, and:
a) HDD *IS* connected, new music is *COPIED* to HDD, and added to relevant device playlist, or,
b) HDD *IS NOT* connected, new music is *COPIED* to the holding area on SP3 and added to relevant device playlist.
NB if it is simpler to always transfer via the holding area this shouldn't be an issue

iii) if HDD is connected MMG *MOVES* any files from the holding area to HDD.

iv) device playlists are manageable regardless of whether their relevant device, or HDD are connected.

v) properties of inaccessible tracks are editable. actual filesystem changes are made whenever HDD is next connected. property changes propagate to/from devices whenever they are next connected.

vi) inaccessible tracks can be added/removed from device playlists. filesystem changes are made whenever relevant devices are connected, potentially via another holding area on SP3.

vii) duplicates are allowed across the system (i.e. on multiple devices) but not within a single device. identical fingerprinted files are automatically deleted, suspiciously similar files are flagged for review.


the idea is that manual library management can be performed whenever i like - regardless of device connection status - and filesystem management is performed automatically when HDD/relevant devices are next connected.

i've spent a fair bit of time googling this, and found solutions relevant having the primary storage on a network, but not a sporadically connected HDD...

i have discovered the 'criteria status is accessible' filter on collections, which is incredibly useful!

- create multiple collections - one "accessible tracks" from which to actually play music, and another "all music" where track properties of offline files can be edited and changes can be made to playlists including adding/removing inaccessible tracks (filesystem changes await device connection)

- it would be super-awesome if library could be managed on my main phone (MMP1) despite files not being present there. e.g im sat on a train and can spend my time fixing tags, library changes being propagated upwards from MMP1 to MMG when phone is connected, and then file-tags etc propagated to HDD when it is connected. i suppose this means the full library files would be on MMP1?

- HDD and SANSA can connect to androids via USBOTG, it would be great if all management was possible in absentia of SP3.

- is there any way to run MM on the sansa?! (rockbox is awesome tho!)

i'm totally open to suggestions about how to achieve this system!

thanks so much for reading this far and any insight you might have!