MediaMonkey Freezes on Start-Up

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MediaMonkey Freezes on Start-Up

Post by Dreyfus2006 »

Hi guys! I sent this in a ticket to Support but I'm on a real time crunch here (leaving for a three-week trip in less than three days) so I wanted to post this question here in case this was faster.

Normally when I start up MediaMonkey, I have access to my media library almost instantaneously. For the last few weeks however, on rare occasion, when starting up MediaMonkey the program does not show any songs in whichever album I have selected. Trying to change albums or clicking anything really leads to the program not responding. At the bottom of the program, in the Status Bar (I believe), there are three messages: "Monitoring 0 of 0 (B:\User\Music\My Music\)," "Loading... AdvancedDuplicateFindFix.vbs," and "Reading files..." These messages do not appear (or if they do, it is only for a split second) when MediaMonkey works on start-up. I have let MediaMonkey sit for hours and it will still be effectively frozen with the messages unchanged.

A year or so ago, somebody posted a similar issue on the forums, but it was for a portable copy of MediaMonkey and the problem was never solved. In my situation, MediaMonkey is installed on my SSD (Drive C), and all of my music is on an HDD (Drive B). I have had no issues for the past two years of owning MediaMonkey, and I made no recent changes to either drive (beyond adding music) in the last 24 hours. It was working fine this morning. This afternoon, I installed a new internal card reader on my PC. I did have to unplug one of the 9-pin USB connectors for the front panel USB ports since I am short a USB connector, but that should have no relation to MediaMonkey because it should not be checking those ports when my mp3 player is not plugged in. After I installed the card reader (Drive D), I formatted my malfunctioning SD card that my mp3 player uses. After that, I booted up MediaMonkey to transfer my music back onto the mp3 player, and it has not once successfully opened without this problem happening. This happens when I start MediaMonkey directly, and when I start it by trying to open a music file on Drive B.

Do you have an idea of what the problem might be and how I could fix it? I'd be devastated if I had to go on this trip without my music.

UPDATE (June 29, 2019): This morning it continued to not work, but after leaving it closed for the entirety of the morning I opened it this afternoon (at 12:20pm EST) and it worked just fine. Syncing my mp3 player now. If you guys have any ideas of what was going on or how to prevent the issue from happening again in the future though, I'd love to hear them.
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Re: MediaMonkey Freezes on Start-Up

Post by Lowlander »

Have you removed drive B from IgnoreDriveLetters: ... ediamonkey
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Re: MediaMonkey Freezes on Start-Up

Post by Peke »

Hi, I would also recommend that you move HDD from Drive B. File Explorer -> Right click on This PC -> Manage -> Disk Management -> Right click on HDD That Have Drive B: -> Change Drive Letter and Change to anything other than A or B. Even in 2019 Windows Still reserves A and B for Floppy Type Drives
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