Music Addiction?

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Music Addiction?

Post by abrazor » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:55 pm

Seems to me, looking at my own experiences over the last year and a bit, that it is really easy to get sucked into the "Having lots of music for the sake of building a mega-sized music collection" addiction.

I was just wondering, those of you who have huge music collections, what percentage of your music have you listened to or do you listen to?

I have only about 6500 tracks in my collection. Yet I have only listened to about half or a little more. Some of my music I keep just to play for friends and share as I know they like it.


Post by Guest » Tue Oct 18, 2005 10:16 pm

i use the windows scheduler scripts

and have monkey running all the time picking random songs from the different playlists i set up for about 8 genre's and a special artist daily. and holiday music on certian times of the year..

all i have to do is keep adding the songs and monkey plays them all i just checked the lists have very few unplayed songs. so they are all getting played.

yes the computer is on 24 hours a day. and playing 15 or 16 hours a day.

so i don't here any when i am asleep? that is when i play mediation sounds all night so it keeps me asleep which is very hard to do as i get up in 2 or 4 hours anyway? just can't sleep long anymore.

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Post by pah68 » Tue Oct 18, 2005 10:23 pm

34700+ files.

I have listened to about 90% of these and rated about a 1/4.

I tend to keep everything.

Want proof, just watch my signature or click on the embedded link to see the variety. :lol:

And YES, I am addicted to music. :lol:

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Post by psyXonova » Wed Oct 19, 2005 4:48 am

I agree with Pah. I am addicted to music 2 and I try to listen to everything. This is why MM is so cool. Like cowboy said, you have the option to play all of your songs or (even better for me) those that you still haven´t listened.
So, allthough i have 40000+ files i have listened to almost 90% of them.
What can I say, i listen to music all the time no matter what i do.

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Post by Peke » Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:14 am

I also Agree with Pah and Psy and I have 30874 Tracks and according MM Stats 11934 are played most of other tracks I have been listened.
Those 11934 tracks have Full corrected Tags and from MM 2.4 have Album art. :( sad thing is that as Sysadmin for few radio stations here sometimes I could get ~3000 tracks at time when new CDs are catalogged, ...

Additon ~200 CDs in my collection dated from 1990 when I was started to DJ and buy CDs.
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Post by trixmoto » Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:16 am

I listen to music constantly at work so that's about 8 hours a day. Also a lot of my tracks are audio book (so get listened to all together, but not whilst I'm working) or seasonal (ie: christmas) or only for parties (ie: cheesy sing-a-longs like the baywatch theme tune) or for comic value (ie: monty python sings) so out of my actual music for general listening, I have listenened to 100%. BTW I have 7140 tracks of this "actual" music.
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Post by rovingcowboy » Wed Oct 19, 2005 7:03 am

i seem to have forgot to say that yes i do listen to my music.

i have heard every song on my computer.

some times i have heard them 5 times.


because i have recorded them in to the computer as wav files taken them in to the wav editor and cleaned them up as to get rid of the skips or to cut a verse from the part of the song that was messed up and replaced it with the save verse that was not messed up from some where else in the song, also have added in the needed sound that is lost when going from analog to digital sound. not many people can hear that and don't realize there is any missing but listen to the song on vinyel and then listen to it on cdrom you will here more on the vinyel, it just sounds fuller then the digital sound.

so i have really heard every song on my computer inclucding the 1000 or so midi and mod files. as i only keep the good ones of those.

for the tip on how to clean up the analog to digital sound troubles look at my music site and click on the restore tip button.

yes it is all midi and wma but they are the best midi's i found.
and my skin's page is linked there also.
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Post by MagGyver » Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:56 pm

I would most certainly claim to be a music addict but I also am pretty picky about what ends up in my collection. I currently have about 2700+ tracks in my library, all rated either 4 or 5 stars. Anything I would rate below that does not get added. So I don't always end up having full albums of stuff since I don't always like every track on an album.

The 5 star tracks are ones I would consider playing out (I DJ). Every once in a while I'll go through 4 star tracks to see if there's something else I want to add to my DJ collection and then I reassign the rating. Makes it VERY easy when it comes time to put together a set or even a comp CD to give out as gifts.

So yes, while I'm an addict for sure (music therapy is my savior sometimes) I don't just collect for posterity or to have more than XYZ has in their collection. I want to trust that whatever I have in my library is something I would want to hear. Makes for less surprises when a random playlist is generated.


Re: Music Addiction?

Post by Guest » Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:00 am

I have close to a million tracks and listen to 5 songs (average) cocurantly throughout the day. Also, the television is usually on and I'm clicking hardcore through about ten or twelve webpages a minute. I'm hardcore into clicking and music. Music is like water. I drown myself in it playing as many tracks at once as I can.

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Re: Music Addiction?

Post by dtsig » Wed Oct 23, 2013 1:14 pm

It is an addiction. I have a very large library and I would guess that 90% listened to more than once (with some baring heavy repeating). And thank god for MP3 and players like MMW. Playing music used to take a big toll on albums even on the best of equipment.

I also have a pretty large video collection. Drawers and drawers filled with thousands of dvd/blu-ray (out of cases and in sleeves) and shelves of dvd/blu-ray keeper cases (collections, specials etc).

I do normally have either Music running all day or videos. I like the added stimulus when I work (programmer by trade). I find it oddly soothing.

My G3 has 3500 tracks which gets played continuously while driving or walking.

Although I am very album concentric I do normally have my players (mmw, mma) on Random. It is very stimulating to go from Pat Boone to Metalica to Steely Dan to Wolfmother to Dave Clark Five etc. Shocks the system <G>.
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