mmw and djamp msagents announcer

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mmw and djamp msagents announcer

Post by rovingcowboy » Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:57 pm

Okay for you that want an voice to announce songs and wish to use mediamonkey to play them, i have been trying to figure out what was wrong now since i posted the message of it doesnt work any longer in mm3. ... 41#p327041

Well i found the reason now. So i do have it working again in my mediamonkey 3 on win xp pro sp3.

Msagents is needed and still can be used in win 7 with an program called double agent. How ever you can still find the download of the msagent sp for use in win 7. But i have no idea if djamp will work in win 7.

For use in xp and mm4 it should still work but not really sure how mm4 will handle the code for djamp.

How to get it working in xp and mm is still on my website but besides doing that djamp needs no buffer now as the pre song change and main buffers that were on the old ms direct sound plugin will cause the wrong song to be announced, for reason of djamp auto skips to next song, so it will skip 2 songs each time and then shuffle mode on mm player would also skip songs, this caused for some very strange actions, and the buffers also caused trouble in how long songs would play they were cut off and edited to shorter versions, which because of missing codes to end the song messed up djamp.

But getting rid of the buffers and any un-needed background programs the djamp is working correctly again, just remember to get the other work around instructions off my download page, ... tents.html and click on image of forklift to get the downloads page, i use images for links.

Sure am glad i got my dj back now i know what songs are playing unless he decides to tell me one of the jokes i programmed in to him?

Oh in case you have not seen my post someplace here before, my jukebox is a offline stand alone system so none of the online programs are running and all auto phone home settings in programs that are running were turned off. No av running either just basic stuff to run music and system files.
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