what's out there besides Shazam & soundhound?

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what's out there besides Shazam & soundhound?

Post by mynetdude » Sun Nov 24, 2013 7:58 pm

I like and use Shazam most of the time, I've scoured a bit of the internet and I understand there are a couple of other not so known ID tagging apps for Android.

I also have soundhound, I use it on occassion but I don't use it much because Shazam lets me see my tags on the web but now I realize that it is just as useless since I frequently tag from my phone and from my tablet and it seems to me that Shazam only allows one device (for sure the paid version of shazam is only allowed one per device but there's no mention of that for the free version).

Anyway the reason I want web/desktop capabilities is to make it easier for me to go find that music/song on the PC; sure I can use my phone which is good for while I'm on the go and then when I get home I can check out tags for the day that way but not if I'm restricted to only one device.

So does anybody know of other song IDing options out there or have any ideas about how to do this?