Leveling FLAC using Convert Format

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Leveling FLAC using Convert Format

Post by Bob-B » Sun Jun 24, 2018 9:21 am

My FLAC library is reasonably large (3,500 tracks), and was ripped at various times over the years.

The tracks vary pretty widely in volume, which makes playing them in random order a bit annoying.

Most of my listening is done using an iBasso player, which does not support adjusting volume from tags.

I see the 'Level Track Volume' on the Convert Format dialog. With that checked, when I convert to FLAC I was expecting the new file to be re-encoded with the appropriate track volume. Instead what I'm seeing is the track volume adjustment tag included in the output file.

Is there a way to get MMW to output the volume-corrected track instead? I understand and agree that this approach varies from the FLAC ideal of identical input and output files, but on the other hand the library needs to be listenable too... :roll:

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Re: Leveling FLAC using Convert Format

Post by Lowlander » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:32 pm

No, you can't level lossless as then it won't be lossless anymore. You can only level if you convert to a lossy format (like MP3). This means you either choose a lossy format for players that can't read the volume tags or change to a player (like MediaMonkey for Android on most Android devices) that can read the tag.
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