Unable to sync via VPN

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Unable to sync via VPN

Post by zustellr » Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:49 am


I have no problem syncing my phone via WiFi if I am on the same network as the server. I now tried to sync from a remote site via VPN, but MediaMonkey on my Android phone just says "Connection failed".

I can also not switch/change the sync server: When I try to select the server, it keeps looking for a server (but never finds one).

As the text below the "Select sync server" menu item says "Sync server: MediaMonkey Bibliothek (JANE)", I suspect that it picked up the symbolic network name of the PC running MediaMonkey (JANE) and is now, via the VPN, unable to resolve this to the right IP address.

Is this a good theory? Is there a way to change the sync server to the correct address? Can I manually enter the IP without having to rely on the discovery process?

Any other ideas?



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Re: Unable to sync via VPN

Post by Peke » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:27 pm

Make sure that your phone is in same subnet mask as your MMW server if you want to sync, as PCs Subnet masks are usually which means that only IP addresses can access the server where VPN connections often assign different IP address outside that subnet mask.

Bit tricky to setup but once set it works.

To test that you need to scan LAN (VPN) using network scanners to see if Server is listed in available local devices
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