iTunes Playlists + MM + iPhone

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iTunes Playlists + MM + iPhone

Post by dramboxf » Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:27 am

Windows 7 Pro PC, all current updates applied. iTunes v12.x, iOS 11.3, MM

An existing playlist in iTunes has 160+ songs. When we import the playlist into MM, the playlist shows 3 songs.

Generally, we've had a LOT of problems with my wife's iPhone 6 and either iTunes or MM when syncing playlists to her phone. Missing songs, songs still in the playlist(s) that have been deleted from the playlist on the PC, songs not in the playlist that have been added TO the playlist in iTunes.

I have verified that the XML file is being updated, even going so far as to open it in Notepad to search for songs that were deleted. For example, my wife deleted about six k.d. lang songs from a playlist, then quit iTunes (forcing the XML file to be updated,) and I went in and verified that she'd only left that single k.d. lang song in that playlist. So the XML file is right. When we then try to add/update files in the library, and it gets to the playlist portion, I'm sure that we're pointing at the right .XML file by date/time stamp (her iTunes is not typically installed.)

So, I saw on some other forum posts that perhaps MM is choking on it because it's not in the typical location. So I copied the XML file to the c:\users\[username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Library.xml location. Still did not work, still did not update the playlist(s) correctly.

The WHOLE reason we moved to MM is because iTunes was also having issues updating her phone.

MM worked very well for the first two or three months we had it, and now it, too, is going wobbly.

We've tried rebooting the PC multiple times, rebooting the phone, deleting by hand all the playlists on the phone and then syncing with MM, and I'm sure about 5 or 6 other things I can't remember right now as this problem has been going on for a while.

Oh, one last thing: Not sure if this could have any impact, but that phone has had some physical trauma. All other functions on the phone work (WiFi, BlueTooth, cell, etc.) fine, but it has been dropped and had some hard falls a few times.

This just occurred to me as I was previewing this post -- the one thing that I haven't tried is dropping the firewall. Should I try that?

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Re: iTunes Playlists + MM + iPhone

Post by Lowlander » Sun Jul 08, 2018 2:46 pm

Once a Playlist is imported it will no longer be updated if the original Playlist is being update. They have become a MediaMonkey Playlist that has no relationship to the outside Playlist.

MediaMonkey will only show files on Playlist being imported that can be located in the Path stored in the Playlist. So if a Playlist points to non-existing files they'll be skipped on import.
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