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Re: MonkeyTunes - DACP Server pour iPhone / Android

Post by KikiCo » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:18 pm

Hello Melloware,
I wanted to tell you a good news for me, I finally have access to MediaMonkey with my Android phone (2.3.2) (today) :D

The following transactions were these days:
1 - On the PC, upgrade of MediaMonkey (transition from 3.2.0 to 4.0.7)

2 - On the PC, installation of Monkeytunes (version = 28/12/2012)

3 - On the Android phone, installation manually (via "Manual Add")
a) Address IP: Enter the IP address of my PC (for newbies like me : in MediaMonkey 4, take the IP address displayed in parentheses to the right of Monkeytunes)
b) under "IP Address" a number is proposed with plenty of zero and a 1: I have not changed it
c) Click on "Connect"
=> And there great surprise: it works ! :D
I have access to my music library MediaMonkey with my Android phone.

I am very glad because I'm finally able to update the classification (item Evaluation) of my music "in live" with my android phone without needing to go to the pc to do it.

I think MediaMonkey is an excellent tool
In addition, the ability use my android phone to update the classification allows me to regain my freedom of movement at home!

Many thanks Melloware :D :D

Beautiful and happy 2013 !
and long life at MonkeyTunes ;-)

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