Scripting rescan library?

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Scripting rescan library?

Post by blablabubble » Fri May 08, 2015 5:57 am

Is there a way to script a library rescan? I want to automate it through a schedule. I've currently automated it by using a schedule to wake the PC, start MM and get it to rescan at every startup but I want to control the library scan better as I don't want it to scan everytime MM starts.

I've manage to automate the sync to my iPhone using the following vbscript - which runs from a windows schedule:

Code: Select all

Dim SDB : Set SDB = CreateObject("SongsDB.SDBApplication")
SDB.ShutdownAfterDisconnect = False

Dim list : Set list = SDB.Device.HandledDeviceList
If list.Count = 0 Then
  'No connected device
End If

Dim txt
Dim i : i = 0
For i = 0 To list.Count-1
  txt = SDB.Device.Caption( list.DeviceHandle(i))

  If txt = "Simon's iPhone" Then
    Call SDB.Device.StartAutoSynch(list.DeviceHandle(i))
  End If