request for a "pre-listening DJ-function"

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request for a "pre-listening DJ-function"

Post by MMGOGI » Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:10 am


I would like to see an Script, which let me use a pre-listening function, like nowadays DjProgramms (TraktorDJ, Serato) have built in. So, during one Track is playing on the main output trough "channel A" of a external 2-Channel Audio Interface (in my case this one ), I would like to pre-listen to other Tracks within MediaMonkey on my headphones trough "Channel B"

Is it possible to build a script for MM to integrate such a pre-listening function, at best as a universal plugin for most external soundcards, maybe with use of ASIO-drivers?

there could be a button (pus a second play-button), which, when hit, is activating "output B" and disable the control over the main "output A" in MM, so you can´t interrupt accidantly the actually played track.