SimilarArtistsNode (work in Progress) [MM3]

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SimilarArtistsNode (work in Progress) [MM3]

Post by holterpolter » Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:47 am

First let me say, that this is the first script i try to develop so i need some help from the more experienced scripters. It would be nice if someone could check the code and give me some hints where to improve it.

This script adds a Similar Artist Node to the Main Node which is feeded by Last.FM. If you select the Now Playing SubNode, the Script checks Last.FM similar artists and displays the result in the MainWindow of MediaMonkey. You have all the possibilities MediaMonkey gives you to manipulate the presentation of the results. Look at the image to see a small example


I have to thank trixmoto for some code snippest i use.

What i am planing to do in the (near) future with this script is
- get rid of occuring errors
- build in a possibility to change to Selectet Track Mode
- Write the Last.FM Infos to a local Database (only if LastFMs allows this?)
- Add an Offline Modus where the Infos come from the local Database, so you can carry them from party to party :)

Some Question to experienced Scripters :

I am not really satisfied with
a) The loading of the xml File, shouldn´t be there something like a Timeout?
b) All this Redim of Arrays cost performance, right?

To install this Script create a File "SimilarArtistNode.vbs" in your MediaMonkey\Scripts\Auto folder and past & copy the Code in this file.

Be sure to backup your Database as long as this is in a development state ! I won´t be responsible for losing your data. Even this doesn´t happen on my machine.

Code: Select all

'Creates a SimilarArtist Node which is feeded by Last.FM
'Version: 0.5
'Date: 10/10/2007 
'Known Issues :
' ** Don´t know what to do if Last.FM is unreachable -> Build in a Timeout
' ** If the Script falls the TempTable is not deleted -> check if it exist
' ** 

'ToDo in the near Future
'**Build in a possibility to change to Selectet Track Mode  
'**Write the Last.FM Infos to a local Database 
'**Add an Offline Modus where the Infos come from the local Database, so you can carry them from party to party :)
'**Not really satisfied with all this Redim of Arrays ->??

'**I have to thank the other Scripters for their CodeSnipetts 

' Writes some DebugInfos into Scriptpath.SimilarNode.log
Public Debug : Debug = False

'Number of Similart Artists 
Public max : max = 10 

Sub OnStartup 
  If Debug Then Logme("* Entering OnStartup Sub *")
 'Adds the Node(s)
  Dim Tree : Set Tree = SDB.MainTree
  Dim Node : Set Node = Tree.CreateNode
  Node.Caption = "Simliar Artists"
  Node.IconIndex = 49
  Node.NodeType = 12
  Tree.AddNode Tree.Node_Library, Node, 1
  Node.HasChildren = True
  Set Subnode = Tree.CreateNode
  Subnode.Caption = "Now Playing"
  Subnode.IconIndex = 10
  Subnode.UseScript = Script.ScriptPath
  SubNode.OnFillTracksFunct = "AddTracks"
  Tree.AddNode Node, Subnode, 3
  Subnode.HasChildren = False
  'Fires an Event at Songchange  
  Script.RegisterEvent SDB, "OnPlay", "SDBPlay" 
End Sub

Sub AddTracks(node)
  If Debug Then logme("** Entering AddTracks Sub **")
  Dim currArtist
  currArtist = SDB.Player.CurrentSong.ArtistName
  If Debug Then Logme("*** CurentArtist: " & currArtist)

 'A trick to reset any added sortorder to the tracks in Main window
  SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode.NodeType = 12
  SDB.MainTree.CurrentNode.NodeType = 255
  Dim Trcks,sql
  Set Trcks = SDB.MainTracksWindow
  'creates an Temporary Table
  SDB.Database.ExecSQL ("CREATE TABLE tmpIds (IdSong integer unique)")
  Dim SimilarArtists 
  SimilarArtists = GetSimilarTo(currArtist)
  If Not SimilarArtists(0) = "" Then 
  'Saves all Entries from the Array in the TempTable
    For each Artist in SimilarArtists
      sql =" SELECT ID FROM Songs WHERE Songs.Artist ='"& FixSQL(Artist) &"'"
      SDB.Database.ExecSQL ("INSERT INTO tmpIds (IdSong) "& sql) 
  End If 
  'Shows the TempTable in the MainTrack Window
  Trcks.AddTracksFromQuery("WHERE Songs.ID in (Select IdSong FROM tmpIds)")
  'Deletes the TempTable
  SDB.Database.ExecSQL ("DROP TABLE tmpIds")
End Sub

Function GetSimilarTo(Artist)
'Online Version gets Infos from Last.FM

   If Debug Then LogMe("**** Entering GetSimilarTo ****")

   Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
   Dim artists()
   Redim artists(0) 
   xml.async = False
   Dim strUrl
   strUrl = ""&fixurl(SDB.Player.CurrentSong.ArtistName)&"/similar.xml"
   If Debug Then LogMe("URL : " & strURl)
   If xml.Load(strURl) Then
     Dim z 
     If xml.readyState = 4 Then
       Dim ele
       For Each ele In xml.getElementsByTagName("artist")
           Redim Preserve artists(z)
           artists(z) = ele.ChildNodes.Item(0).Text
            if z = max Then Exit For
     End If
     If Debug Then LogMe("There is a Problem with Last.FM : " + SDB.Player.CurrentSong.ArtistName)
   End If
  If Debug Then
     Dim strTemp : strTemp = "Found : "
     For z=0 To ubound(artists) -1
       strTemp= strTemp+artists(z)+";"
  End if   
  GetsimilarTo = artists
  Set XML = Nothing
End Function

Sub SDBPlay 
    If sdb.MainTree.CurrentNode.CustomNodeID=451 Then
    'If sdb.MainTree.CurrentNode.Caption="Now Playing" Then
    End if 
End Sub 

Sub LogMe(text)
' Logs Information 
  Dim fso, logf
  Dim strFilePath, strPath, strFile 
  Dim intPos 
  strFilePath = Script.Scriptpath
  intPos = InStrRev(strFilePath,"\")
  strPath = Left(strFilePath, intPos)
  strFile = Mid(strFilePath, intPos+1)
  Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  Set logf = fso.OpenTextFile(strPath & "SimilarArtistNode.log",8,True)
  logf.WriteLine text
  Set fso = Nothing
  Set logf = Nothing
End Sub

Function fixsql(name)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  fixsql = Replace(name,"'","''")
  fixsql = Replace(fixsql,"[","[[]")
  fixsql = Replace(fixsql,"*","[*]")
  fixsql = Replace(fixsql,"%","[%]")
End Function

Function fixurl(sRawURL)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  Const sValidChars = "1234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz\/&:'"
  sRawURL = Replace(sRawURL,"+","%2B")
  If Len(sRawURL) > 0 Then
    Dim i : i = 1
    Do While i < Len(sRawURL)+1
      Dim s : s = Mid(sRawURL,i,1)
      If InStr(1,sValidChars,s,0) = 0 Then
        Dim d : d = Asc(s)
        If d = 32 Or d > 2047 Then
          s = "+"
          If d < 128 Then
            s = DecToHex(d)
            s = DecToUtf(d)
          End If
        End If
        Select Case s
          Case "&"
            s = "%2526"
          Case "/"
            s = "%252F"
          Case "\"
            s = "%5C"
          Case ":"
            s = "%3A"
          Case "'"
            s = "%27"
        End Select
      End If
      fixurl = fixurl&s
      i = i + 1
  End If
  If UCase(Right(fixurl,6)) = " (THE)" Then
    fixurl = "The "&Left(fixurl,Len(fixurl)-6)
  End If
  If UCase(Right(fixurl,5)) = ", THE" Then
    fixurl = "The "&Left(fixurl,Len(fixurl)-5)
  End If
End Function

Function DecToHex(d)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  If d < 16 Then
    DecToHex = "0"&CStr(Hex(d))
    DecToHex = CStr(Hex(d))
  End If
End Function

Function DecToUtf(d)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  Dim b : b = DecToBin(d)
  Dim a : a = "110"&Left(b,5)
  b = "10"&Mid(b,6)
  DecToUtf = "%"&BinToHex(a)&"%"&BinToHex(b)
End Function

Function DecToBin(intDec)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  DecToBin = ""
  Dim d : d = intDec
  Dim e : e = 1024
  While e >= 1
    If d >= e Then
      d = d - e
      DecToBin = DecToBin&"1"
      DecToBin = DecToBin&"0"
    End If
    e = e / 2
End Function

Function BinToHex(strBin)
'Thanks to  trixmoto
  Dim d : d = 0
  Dim i : i = 0
  For i = Len(strBin) To 1 Step -1
    Select Case Mid(strBin,i,1)
      Case "0"
        'do nothing
      Case "1"
        d = d + (2^(Len(strBin)-i))
      Case Else
        BinToHex = "00"
        Exit Function
    End Select
  BinToHex = DecToHex(d)
End Function

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Post by powerpill-pacman » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:25 pm

I really like the script so far. It's a great addition to a great program. What's bugging me (and MM3b3 as it seems), is the fact that loading songs takes longer than before, when double-clicking on them (4-5 seconds) and that some artists which should be known (Yo La Tengo for example) don't get results.
So thanks for your script and if i may add a whish? Would it be possible to show the results in some sort of extra-window like MonkeyRok, where you have artists and can then select album and track. I know that's a lot for one wish, so nevermind if that's to much asked.
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Post by holterpolter » Wed Oct 10, 2007 12:56 pm

Hi you can create a debug file by changing this line

Code: Select all

Public Debug : Debug = False 

Code: Select all

Public Debug : Debug = True
It is created in your MediaMonkey/Scripts/Auto Folder called SimilarArtistNode.log
Can You look into it and tell me if there is a line similar to this one:
URL : ... imilar.xml
I tried Yo La Tengo and it works as you see. Perhaps the need of extra time (and some kind of time out) depends on the speed of the Internet Connection?
If i double click a Song it starts immediately playing and the script works in the background but it takes 5 seconds till the results show up. In this time MediaMonkey seems to freeze. (This is a problem for a more experienced Scripter)
Your wish with an extra window is a at this time beyond my programming skills. But they will improve :)

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Post by powerpill-pacman » Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:19 am

I'm very sorry, but it seems the reason why no results showed was because none of the first 10 similar artists are present on my drive, when i changed the result number to 20, one similar artist (The Shins) showed up.
And i was being unclear. When i click a song, it starts immediately but MM seems to freeze, just as you describe. So double sorry from me and thanks again.
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