MMA freezes listing podcasts if first episode has no track#

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MMA freezes listing podcasts if first episode has no track#

Post by rivorson » Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:00 am

Recently I have been having problems with MMA freezing at a black screen when I try to open podcasts where the first episode either does not have a track number or has track number 0. The freeze occurs after selecting the podcast but before the track list is displayed, and when it occurs I have to manually force close the app to get it working again. So far I have managed to figure out that this occurs when specific episodes are present on the device and when those episodes have either no track number or have the track number set to 0. However MMA will not freeze if all episodes of the podcast have blank track numbers so I guess it's something to do with MMA's sorting algorithm. This happens specifically on my Nexus 6 with stock Android 6.0.1 but does not happen on my Nexus 7 with the same version of Android and MMA.

Examples of podcasts that this occurs with are as follows:
If the 'Introduction' episode does not have a track number then it will cause MMA to freeze when I try to open the track list, but if I set the track number to 1 then it does not freeze.
Same as the previous feed. ... sounds.rss
After the first episode, there are 16 releases with no track number. If the first episode with track# 1 is present then MMA will not freeze, but if that episode is not on the device and one of the episodes with no track number becomes the first in the list then MMA will freeze.

I have submitted log Y9LDZVCR72 after a freeze, but I had to manually force stop MMA before I could submit it. The log was created with MMA build 555 but I had only recently subscribed to the podcasts causing the problems so I can't say what version introduced the bug.


Re: MMA freezes listing podcasts if first episode has no tra

Post by Legamorf » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:06 pm

I am having similar troubles. Have you found a solution?

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