MMA: Cannot Delete Album

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MMA: Cannot Delete Album

Post by raiden63 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 9:10 pm

I attempted to submit a debug log, but in the event it did not send for some reason (I suspect this because I checked the box to send a duplicate ticket to my email and never got it. Even checked spam folder), I am uploading a copy of the description here :)


It seems the current non-beta build for MediaMonkey for Android (non-Pro) is unable to delete albums from my device.

1) From the home screen I select "Albums". My list of indexed albums displays as normal

2) I select my album by pressing and holding the album art for a second. The album is then selected and I can select/deselect more albums as needed, as normal.

3) I press the delete icon. I am prompted to delete the counted total number of tracks from my device

4) I press "Delete". The "Deleting..." message appears while the operation is performed.

5) The message goes away and the album art is gone, as expected.

Automatically, as soon as I am returned to my albums, a spinning icon appears toward the top-center, to the left of the Triangle icon with a small Shuffle symbol on its top right (the 'Shuffle All' button). I assume the spinning icon is a 'sync' icon of some sort. And within seconds, the album art reappears. Seconds after that, the spinning icon disappears.
All music from the deleted album is intact and playable as it was before the deletion.

Some Notes:
This happens whether deleting a single or multiple albums at once. In the case of multiple albums, the spinning icon is present until all albums are "restored".

When I select the album, showing me the track list, and delete one or more individual tracks within the album, the tracks are removed from the library database AND the file(s) is removed from the device.

When I select the album art after it has reappeared, but before the spinning icon goes away, the track list shows a subset of the tracks that were on the album. When the spinning icon is gone, the entire set of tracks shows in the list.

What I suspect is happening:
1) I attempt delete the album(s)
2) MMA deletes the album(s) from its library database, but not the files from the device
3) This kicks off a 'sync' operation where MMA scans the device files to find differences between the state of the files and the state of the library database
4) MMA detects the album(s) is in the files but not in the library database
5) MMA re-adds the album(s) and tracks to the library database

Let me know what other information I can hopefully provide :)

Phone: Google Pixel (non-XL)
Android: 7.1.2