Chrystler Uconnect

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Chrystler Uconnect

Post by bkenobi69 » Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:11 am

I have a 2016 Ram pickup that came with Uconnect. The vehicle can connect to media in various ways, but the 2 things I find appealing are the Bluetooth and SD/USB connections. When I connect my Android (GS5) to the truck it will generally start MMA and start playing a track (whatever I was listening to last I think) if I select play on the bluetooth media panel. I have not yet tried the SD card or USB stick interfaces, but apparently they are designed to have media installed and left without the need for a phone.

Bluetooth is great, except that it requires me to plug the phone in or it will drain the battery. This kinda defeats wireless IMO. Anyway, the issue I'm seeing is that it never shows album artwork. I have MMW set to put the artwork in tags, but the truck never seems to find the art. It sounds as though the art may need to be shrunk a bit for it to work, so I'm wondering if there's a way to do that with the MMW->MMA conversion step. The following thread indicates a pretty small pixel count (240x158). ... nnect.html

The other question is about using an SD card or USB stick. I haven't synced music to a drive/stick/card in a very long time. Is there a way to specify conversion when this is done? I need to change the album artwork to a smaller size, embed it, and transcode everything to mp3 for it to be read by the truck. I'm also not yet clear if playlists work, so it may not be ideal to go this route anyway.

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Re: Chrystler Uconnect

Post by Peke » Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:37 pm

Unfortunately MMW is not capable to resize the image files.

Here is what I suggest that you test.
Find one MP3 file and use MMW to embed album art of correct size into mp3, then copy it to SD card and play it in MMA on phone over BT.

NOTE: that both phone and head unit needs to support AVRCP 1.6.0+ spec and BIP 1.0 profiles in order to send/receive Album art. A great many head units actually getting the cover art online from CDDB database like gracenote. And that is NOT sent over Bluetooth.

EDIT: Just checked and my head unit support AVRCP 1.3 standard so no album art for me.
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