usb, sd cards, etc sync problem

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usb, sd cards, etc sync problem

Post by fleu » Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:45 am

I have a problem with media monkey in my car unit:

When i sync my phone with wifi. Everything works perfectly. But i also have an usb stick/sd card. Wich i use with my android car unit. So i sync the usb. Plug it in and guess what. It always shows the playlist like the first time i created it. The usb stick has the new songs. Also the m3u files are the updated playlists. But my mma in the car doesn't read it properly. He never updates the m3u files. He only deletes the songs he cant find anymore on the old m3u files. So i think the problem is when syncing with usb/sd, he only reads in new playlists and if he sees a playlist with the same name(an old one) he doesn't bother to read it again an check for an update. Only new playlists he imports in his program. On wifi syn on the other hand. He checks the m3u files and updates them in his program... Please fix this!

And no it's not possible to drive my car in the elevator to my pc on the tenth floor to use wifi sync. Het just has to learn to update everything when i feed him an updated usb stick/car sd

can you fix this please. mma on my car unit is useless like this.