2206 - MM freezes during long operations

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2206 - MM freezes during long operations

Post by Barry4679 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:33 pm

I have reported this before.

It is still happening in the latest release. I have some more observations to add.

I loaded the latest version of MM5. Used MM5 to rescan my tracks, rather than importing data from MM4 db. It is a long job, so I did other things while it ran ... When the scan ended MM5 was frozen. I tried everything I could think of, but in the end I had to terminate MM5 using the Task Manager.

I restarted MM5, and synced to my GPM library ... another long job, so I did other things when it ran ... same problem.

So a very poor first impression; ie. first two interactions with MM5 result in MM5 freezing, requiring the abnormal ending of its task.

In both cases the main MM5 window is dimmed, suggesting that it is waiting on a response from a modal end of scan dbox, which Windows has not displayed, and is not accessible by any means known to me.

  • when MM5 is started, by the MM installer, it is not maximised ... I left it in this state
  • once the scan started, I reactived a full screen window containing the Chrome browser over the top of MM5
  • while the scan is running, I can see the green process bar cycling over the MM icon on the task bar ... when the scan completes the icon briefly flashes orange, and then has a steady bold orange high light.
  • I ran this test three times this morning ... the problem did not occur in the first two runs ... ie. when I reactivated the MM5 window, the end of scan dbox was displayed, and everything was OK
  • the problem occurred during my 3rd run, and it also happened three times to me yesterday
  • there were several differences in the 3rd run
    • #1. While I was in the first run wizard, I pressed the Options button, which opened a dbox, which I then closed
    • #2. while the MM5 scan was still running, I used the WindowsKey+D to clear the desktop
    • #3. I reactivated the MM5 window by pressing WindowsKey+D, and then clicking MM5 icon on the task bar ... I think that the MM5 task bar icon was bright, but became dull when I pressed the WindowsKet+D key ... I think that this may be what triggers the issue ... the other two times I either minimised the maximised Chrome window, or reactivated MM5 from the task bar while it was still bright orange.
    • #4. I went away for a while ... in the other tests I had tried to reactivate MM5 soon after the icon had gone bright orange ... maybe the background task, to populate album thumbs, had completed, and this is some part of the problem
    If this is just what Ludek called "a Windows Management issue", or some term like that, perhaps it is a mistake to make the end of scan dbox be modal ... ie. these are potentially long running jobs ... the user is likely to do something else, and it is not good to leave MM5 exposed to this "Windows Mangement issue"

    I PM'd a debug log of this third test to Petr.

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Re: 2206 - MM freezes during long operations

Post by PetrCBR » Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:59 pm

Thanks for your observations and feedback!

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