font size after goimg from microplayer to normal

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font size after goimg from microplayer to normal

Post by MvD- » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:25 pm


I have an annoying problem with the font size. I've searched in the forum, but can not find a similar problem. I only have it recent (for a couple of months, although using MM since 2010.

The problem:
start MM
via option: font size = 12 (although size doesn't matter; also in this case ;-) )
all texts are decent sized (like it is fontsize 12)
change to microplayer
switch back to normal size (maximised of half-way)
font size is very small, something like fontsize 6
change the font size in options back to 12 or 14 or whatsever: no effect
close MM
start MM again: fontsize is back to normal (so in my case: 12)

It only happens when using the microplayer, not the miniplayer and not after having MM minimised to the traybar. The skin seems to no effect (all skins I've used give the same behaviour). When closing WIN10 with MM in microplayer-mode, starting WIN10 en MM results in MM in microplayer-mode. After resizing MM to normal: the same small fonts. So my conclusion is: when switching to microplayer-mode the fontsize is affected and after switching back no normal-view the fontsize is not restored to what it shoul be.

De-installing MM and re-installing does not solve the problem. Even re-installing WIN10 makes no difference.

I have Win10-64 bits, all updated. Fonts scaled to 150% in WIN10/settings/display.
I'm using MM But it started some builds ago.

This behaviour is driving me nuts, so can someone help? i would greatly appreciate it.

Greetings, Marco.