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USB sync: changes in file location settings ignored, unless you remove the MediaMonkey folder from the USB

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:19 am
by YetAnotherLondonder
Could any one with a few minutes to spare be so kind as to try this on their PC and report back if they are affected, too?

Description: when syncing to a USB drive, MMW "remembers" only the first settings chosen to map the files location. Any change made after a first sync is not applied, unless you manually remove the "MediaMOnkey" folder from the USB drive and start again. E.g. if you first synced creating folder by Artist then want to create them by genre first, then artist, MMW will still create them by Artist.
Also, if you remove files from the drive after syncing, and try a resync, MMW does nothing: you need to close and reopen the program.

Software and Hardware: Media Monkey Gold Portable for Windows running on Windows 10
Music library on a local hard disk. Syncing to a 256GB Sandisk USB stick

Steps to reproduce: plug in a USB stick that has i) never been synced to MediaMonkey or ii) if it has, remove the "MediaMonkey" folder from the drive and any music that may have been previously synced. Go to the drive on the media tree on the left, choose some files to sync (choose only few for a quick test), choose a mapping on the options tab, and sync. Close MMW. Delete the files synced but not the "MediaMonkey" folder from the USB. Reopen MMW. Change the file location settings. Sync. Files will still be synced according to the old mapping.

In my case, I first changed from

\Music\<Album Artist@2>\<Album Artist>\<Album>\<Track#:2> <Title>



The first time, files were correctly synced to:


The second time they should have been synced to

\Music\Adele\2015 25 (as the source path was: Media\MyMusic\Adele ; "<Path:2>" chops off the first 2 folders in the original path) but they were still synced to


Note that, if you click on usb drive in the media tree -> options -> file locations -> configure then MMW shows the right location, but then actually syncs to the old one.

Other attempts: I have tried with 3 Sandisk USB sticks on 3 different USB ports on my PC. I have also tried various combinations of syntax. To no avail.

Hypothesis: I suppose the settings must be written to the MediaMonkey folder on the USB the first time, and then not updated correctly.

Re: USB sync: changes in file location settings ignored, unless you remove the MediaMonkey folder from the USB

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 1:46 pm
by Lowlander
Does this affect only files already on the device or also any new files synced to the device. Do you have the option to enforce use of sync mask for files already on the device?

Are you using the WMDM or USBMass plugin?