Samsung Galaxy S6 Compatibility with MediaMonkey, Lollipop

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Compatibility with MediaMonkey, Lollipop

Post by josh8266 »

I apologize if this is in the wrong section, or if this redundant information, I could not find help with my problem by googling so I thought this might be helpful for others.

I upgraded from Samsung galaxy S3 to a Samsung Galaxy S6 yesterday. I installed the normal free android build (version: on my S6, and had version on my PC (Windows 7). I primarily use the UPnP streaming feature, where I just access my music on my phone from my computer over the local network.

The normal build for android crashed immediately upon opening on my S6. I read around and saw that there are known problems with Lollipop (Android 5.0) and MM so I installed the latest android Beta version on my S6. the app now worked without crashing until I tried to connect to the Wifi streaming UPnP. Clicking on my server would crash the program. So I updated my windows MM to the Beta version and now everything works perfectly.

Hope this is helpful to others!

PS_ I did notice on the Beta android app install it says: "Note: For Wi_fi sync, use MediaMonkey for Windows build" As stated above, the did not work for me with my S6, I had to use the beta -1739.
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Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 Compatibility with MediaMonkey, Lollip

Post by rusty »

Thanks for the feedback--you're absolutely correct.

For compatibility with the S6 you should be using:
- MediaMonkey for Android (available in Google Play via 'MediaMonkey Beta' OR via the Beta Forum as MMA/MMA Beta)
- MediaMonkey for Windows

I've corrected the information in Google Play re. the compatible version of MMW (though it'll take some time to propagate).


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