Feature Request: Consolidated extension configuration menu

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Feature Request: Consolidated extension configuration menu

Post by TIV73 »

Currently, there doesn't seem to be a central place to configure installed extensions, so every extension needs to implement its own method via button/menu/etc somewhere on the UI to allow the user to change its properties. Why not add some dedicated section in the options menu, or just a button in the extension menu which then launches the configuration for a given addon?

Of course, it's up to the addon writers need support this, but this way at least a possibility for unified extension settings is given. A sample addon to show the implementation and some basic best practice guidelines would probably make implementing something like that quite painless.
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Re: Feature Request: Consolidated extension configuration me

Post by Peke »

I agree there should be more choices and we are planning to revise UI and add new features bit later in MM5 Dev stage.
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