Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

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Re: Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

Post by djmt99 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:54 pm

Alright, let me explain what I'm doing, and how it has been done.

I host a musical game night every week. I have a series of games/themes. I have organized them into hundreds of playists. The parent playlist has all of the songs for the theme and can range anywhere from 30-200 songs . The child playlist has all of the answers, which are 30 songs that exist in the parent. When I dump these playists into my dj software, it's smart enough and won't duplicate the songs in the parent playlist (since the same songs in the child are in the parent, and they are stored in the *same* location), but it allows me to quickly glance at the correct answers.

What's happening with the file/folder structure system right now with your script, is that the songs *are* being duplicated because they are being copied to seperate folders (a folder for each playlist).

That other plug in that I referenced, would copy JUST the files within each playlist, and it would copy them to the same folder structure system as it did on the drive that they came from. And it would create a playlist pointing to said new, copied location. Example:

Drive A has my entire library. Drive B is what I'm using just for the music on the playists I'm exporting.

Drive A
-Folder Blue
--Song 1 (in playlist)
--Song 2 (in playlist)
--Song 3 (not in playlist)
Folder Red
--Song 4 (in playlist)
--Song 5 (in playlist)
--Song 6 (not in playlist)

Drive B
-Folder Blue
--Song 1 (in playlist)
--Song 2 (in playlist)
Folder Red
--Song 4 (in playlist)
--Song 5 (in playlist)

Drive B only has the songs that were exported thru the playlist, and follows the same folder structure are Drive A. A playlist gets copied to drive b for each playlist copied from the mm library on drive a.

Hopefully this makes better sense.
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Re: Export/Create Playlists 4 Child Nodes 4.0 (2013-07-10)[MM2+]

Post by ZvezdanD » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:44 am

djmt99 wrote:
Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:54 pm
Hopefully this makes better sense.
Sorry, but I still don't understand what you are doing. You didn't answer to almost any of my questions. You talk about copying of "the files within each playlist", but you didn't answer what files you are copying. There are some other add-ons that could export M3U playlist files but, as far as I know, there are no such add-on which allows copying of the media files together with the playlist files, excluding this one.

So, here are the questions again, please answer to each one:
1. What do you mean by "I was able to export a playlist and have the files copied to the same folder structure as it's source"?
2. Which files have you copied, media files or playlist files?
3. Did you use the Export option from the menu that contains " & Copy Media Files" in its name?
4. What the same folder structure you are talking about when you already said that you want to export files to the single folder?

Here is a simple example of the structure of nodes from the Media Tree that I want to export to the single folder with the option "Export - Selected node" disabled:
--Available Tracks
--Imported Playlists

If I right-click on the Playlists node and chose the menu Export/Create Playlists / Export Child Nodes for Playlist Files, I will get the dialog box asking for destination folder. After specifying it, e.g. c:\Temp\, I will get the c:\Temp\Available Tracks.m3u, c:\Temp\Imported Playlists.m3u and c:\Temp\Favorites.m3u files, i.e. all playlist files will be inside the c:\Temp folder. I will not get c:\Temp\Available Tracks\Available Tracks.m3u or anything like that. If I had the option "Export - Selected node" enabled, I would get c:\Temp\Playlists - Available Tracks.m3u, c:\Temp\Playlists - Imported Playlists.m3u and c:\Temp\Playlists - Favorites.m3u files, but all the exported files would be inside the single folder as well.

I expect from you to give me a similar example:
a) list of a few nodes that you want to export,
b) command from the menu that you are using,
c) list of exported playlist files,
d) list of wanted playlist files.
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