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MediaMonkey capabilities question

Post by spbear5 » Mon Apr 29, 2019 9:35 pm

I have a general question relating to MediaMonkey. I am a volunteer on community radio and we have a very large music library (estimate ~ 50,000 separate recordings) that is in need of organisation using one system. The library consists of a variety of media, vinyl, old tape reels, CDs, plus a 12TB hard drive with digitized music. My question is simple really. Could MediaMonkey be used to manage this library? The intent is not to digitize everything, that would be impossible, but to organize the digitized music and also input details for all the non-digitized music over time. Also needed would be a field of the physical location associated with each item, matching where it is located within our premises. Our finances are pretty limited so we really need to know before purchasing anything whether it can do what we need. MediaMonkey came out top of quite a few review sites so I thought it best to ask the experts here!

Many thanks in advance for any assistance that can be provided in answering my questions.

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Re: MediaMonkey capabilities question

Post by Lowlander » Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:29 pm

MediaMonkey is designed to manage your digital files. Although you could anything to the database through scripting, MediaMonkey may not be the best choice to manage physical media.
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Re: MediaMonkey capabilities question

Post by Peke » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:43 am

Here is how I did it for CDs as unfortunately non digital media can't be cataloged with MediaMonkey as there is no physical access to media.

Prep stage: I put 3 CD-Roms in my PC to make it faster
1. Installed MMW as PORTABLE (Selectable during install) to C:\MMW Audio CDs\
2. Started MMW
3. Inserted one CD in each Drive (most gets auto recognized and data is filled, for those that are not recognized I added small description in order to be filled later manually like "Queen - Rare Singles EP")
4. Right click on drive with CD (Add/scan to library)
5. repeat for all three drives
6. Proceed with next CD Sets
7. Done that till all are in Library (At one time I had 6k of CDs to add from one local radio station)

After all were in and metadata sorted so that I can Search thru tracks and songs. I've done Library backup for future

Finally as all was done and prepared I repeated the process of inserting each CD into drive and RIP them all in FLAC to my NAS for fully digitized Audio CD library, and packaged CDs for Archival purposes in basement.

Only downside of this that I have My Library of Audio CDs separate of Other Digital Media library.
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