2213 - Collection Options dbox needs improving [#16378]

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2213 - Collection Options dbox needs improving [#16378]

Post by Barry4679 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 11:35 pm

I like the new changes re the View menu, and associated UI controls. It is easier to discover and understand the UI now.

I think that there is more that needs to be done ... unless I misunderstand the UI?

Collection Options dbox - Views tab
  • 2.Why does the tab exist here at all? ... it is read-only, ie. I can't create views .... a "view" is not specific to a collection ... the tab just doesn't seem to do anything here (other than its double click behaviour, which is not advertised by the cursor ... and it is a bit dangerous, because I would think that the assumption is that I am changing the view just for this collection)

Collection Options dbox - Sub-nodes&Views tab
  • 3.There is already a separate tab named "Views" ... The Sub-nodes&Views tab doesn't seem to have anything to do with views ... it just creates confusion about what is the MM5 definition for a "View" ... suggest renaming it to just "sub-nodes" ... this comment also applies to the "Collections & Views) option at Tool|Options|Library, see below
  • 4. Most lists in MM5 allow drag&drop to change list hierarchy ... not available here in Sub-nodes&Views tab ... would be helpful and consistent, ie. this tab closely resembles the Collections&Views option in Tools|Option|Library ... drag&drop is available there

Collection Options dbox - Columns
  • 5. "Columns" tab ... it has the sort tooltip and subscript info ... but is that info relevant here? ... ie. sort is determined by View, not Collection, isn't it? ... if I am in a collection, and navigate to a specific view, the current view's sort sequence does not affect this display ... so I am in a collection, and I then view the collection's config, and it is showing me a sort seq, which may be different to what I am viewing (?) ... it would be better if this tab did not have the sort seq cues, because they may be wrong, and the "collection" doesn't have a default sort seq anyway, does it?, making the info meaningless ... alternatively there should be some interaction between the "views" and "Columns" tabs ... ie. the sort seq, in the Columns tab, should reflect the View row that I had selected in the View tab

Tools|Options dbox

The new "Layout" section, in Tools|Options, is a good improvement towards understanding
  • 6. I don't understand why you decided to not include "Collections&Views" in the Layout section? ... the option in Collection&Views seem to fit better with "Layout" than "Library"
  • 7. the Collections&View panel has nothing to do with "Views" ... ie. you cannot create or set any view-related option there ... it should just be called Collections ... or called "Media Tree", because non_gold customer have no concept of custom "collections"

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Re: 2213 - Collection Options dbox needs improving

Post by PetrCBR » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:12 am

Thanks for a feedback.

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Re: 2213 - Collection Options dbox needs improving

Post by rusty » Thu Feb 20, 2020 1:00 pm

Thanks--most of these issues have been address by now:

1/2/3) Views tab in Collections Options has been deprecated.

4) Added at https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=16378

5) Columns in Collection Options has been deprecated.

6) I see Collections as most related to library _content_ (not layout).

7) Views can now be directly configured by double-clicking (or clicking 'Edit') for any subnode.

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