Bug (or annoyance?) with drag 'n' dropping files

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Bug (or annoyance?) with drag 'n' dropping files

Post by therealjoeblow » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:12 pm

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or an annoyance, but let me explain...

I have my music sorted into folders with names like "Artist - Album [Year]" (nothing peculiar about that).

Within each folder, I have the following:
-The music files (named like "## - Title.mp3), tagged
-The artwork as a standalone file named "Folder.jpg"
-A playlist of the music files named "Artist - Album [Year].m3u

...again, nothing peculiar about any of that.

Here's the annoyance...

If I start at the folder level, and select a bunch of folders and drop them into the Now Playing part of MediaMonkey, it reads all of the *.mp3 files and puts them into the list, but it also reads all of the *.m3u files, and adds another duplicate of every file.

Winamp does not do that - if it finds music files alongside playlists, it has some intelligence to not add the files that are in the playlist.

Is it possible to add this as a setting (or is it already there) in MM to ignore the playlists and not create all these dupes when dropping a bunch of folders? I'm not sure why this is even the default behavior, I personally don't see a use case where I would want to drop files and have dupes created but I might be missing something more specific that others need.


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Re: Bug (or annoyance?) with drag 'n' dropping files

Post by Peke » Wed Mar 22, 2017 4:17 pm

If you use My computer tree than it is designed behavior, on other hand if you add your music into MMW library and use Music -> Location -> to add tracks there will be no duplicates and M3u will be ignored.
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