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Lyrics / Playcount / Last Played information isn't synced with iPhone/iPod
Updated by Russell Samuels on Aug 2, 2010
In some scenarios, metadata may not be synced from an iPhone/iPod to MediaMonkey,
while in others, metadata may not be synced from MediaMonkey to the iPhone/iPod:

1) Data may not be synced to the iPhone/iPod if iTunes happens to overwrite metadata
synced by MediaMonkey. This can happen for Lyrics if e.g. iTunes tries to sync after
MediaMonkey has.

To prevent this from occurring, ensure that iTunes is configured to not automatically
run when your device is connected.

2) Similarly, if the iPhone/iPod is synced with iTunes (e.g. for Calendar synchronization),
then iTunes resets the Playcount / Last Played information on each sync even if iTunes
isn't used to sync the music library. Thus, when the device is synced with MediaMonkey,
Last Played / Playcount information will not be synced since it has been reset.

Possible workarounds are:
a) Sync with MediaMonkey prior to syncing with iTunes
b) Use over the air synchronization instead (e.g. Sync the Calendar / Contacts / Mail via
the iPhone's Exchange Server sync mechanism) so that iTunes is not required
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