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Set MediaMonkey as the Default Player
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 13, 2014

On some pre-windows 8 systems, MediaMonkey fails to 'stick' as the default Media Player. To prevent this from occurring:

  • Go to Tools | Options | General | File Types and make sure that the file types that you wish MediaMonkey to be used with are checked off and that 'Re-associate File Types on startup' is checked off.
  • If another media player is still used by default, then it is usually because that application has some sort of 'agent' that is configured to always associate the application with Media Files.
    • To stop Windows Media Player from doing this, click 'Set Program Access and Defaults' from the Start menu. Locate 'Media Player' and change the default application to 'MediaMonkey'.
    • For other applications such as iTunes or Winamp, you'll need to go into the program's configuration dialog and disable any functionality that automatically re-associates the application with media files.

Note: on Windows 7, Vista, or XP, you can access the 'Default Programs' option via the Start Menu to verify/validate file associations.

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