Serious album art synchronization problems - HELP!!

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Re: Serious album art synchronization problems - HELP!!

by Lowlander » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:07 pm

Did you check on the machine where you tagged the files?

An issue that you could be having is that not all tracks on an album have album art associated. Could this be happening?

PS. I have a similar setup and don't experience this issue.

Re: Serious album art synchronization problems - HELP!!

by MCSmarties » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:03 pm

Hi Lowlander,

Opening the track properties doesn't show me anything in the album art - not even a blank field.

I found trixmoto's album art tagger script but unfortunately it's picky and doesn't allow for manual corrections
(for example if details in the album name, such as parentheses, don't match).
Still, it's narrowing the list of untagged album arts down.

What's really frustrating is that the files with missing album art DO NOT appear in the "unknown album art" node.
The best way I found to check for existing album art is to make reports with trixmoto's script, but it 's a pain.

Re: Serious album art synchronization problems - HELP!!

by Lowlander » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:36 pm

Are you sure you are saving the album art to the files tags or are you saving them externally? If they're actually embedded you can confirm this by opening the Track Properties and going to the Album Art tab. Hovering the mouse over the album art should show you a tooltip either indicating Stored in Tag or if it's stored externally.

I believe that the Album Art Tagger might be able to tag files when you store album art in a general folder.

Serious album art synchronization problems - HELP!!

by MCSmarties » Thu Oct 02, 2008 2:27 pm

Hi, I got some problems with the tags in my library (about 10'000) files.
It's a similar problem to the one mentioned in this thread with the difference that
all my files are all in MP3 so I don't understand why the album art was not written to the ID3v2 tags.

I have 2 computers linked via network (2 databases accessing the same files) and noticed that after extensively modifying the tags in one library,
and despite forcing the fields to be written to ID3 tags and updating ALL files (not just those with changed timestamps) from the server,
the other library would not display the modifed tags. I figured that it had to do with the ID3 tags being corrupted (had happened in the past), so I cleaned all ID3 (v1 + v2) tags from all files, then synchronized them all again via mediamonkey.
It appears that all the tags were written again (so far it's great... knock on wood!) - except the album art!

More details:
The album art appears in MM and there are no "unknown album art" files showing up in "files to edit".
But when I try to open the file on a different computer or a different media manager, they are missing in all files.
Finally, running trixmoto's "advanced report" script, no album art appears - a clear indication that the art was NOT rewritten to the tags.

What can I do now? Please help!

All my album art is in the same folder (about 3500 files), the files are named <album artist> - <album>.jpg.
Is there a script that can match up these files with the correct albums? I don't want to have to add 3500 album arts manually! :cry:
Or is there a way to *force* mediamonkey to write the album art (which still appears in the library view, funnily enough) to the MP3 files?

Finally, did I miss a step when I cleaned my tags? Is there a way I can avoid this problem in the future?

Many thanks!