In which database field does drive/device ID live for each track?

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Re: In which database field does drive/device ID live for each track?

by Finsternis » Thu May 02, 2019 2:34 pm

I suppose changing the drive ID itself could work, but I'm terrified about unknown side effects. What if some other app - or Windows itself! - uses drive ID as an identifier for something?

I don't know why I'm having such a problem with this when it seems other people have done it. I've tried every possible combination of copy/moving the files myself, letting MM copy/move them, using the script, and using the "locate missing/moved files" function. But no matter what I do, even if every file is in the right place in the right patch and filename on the right drive, AND MM has the correct location for the file, and knows it is present (because the tracks show up in bright white instead of greyed out), it still simply says "Track inaccessible" when I try to play them.

I think it would be easier to change the ID in the database. Can anyone answer my question about which table and field it is stored in? Or maybe if MM5 updates the drive ID I could import the DB into there and then use it with MM4? I don't know.

Which language are the scripts written in? Would it be difficult to just write a one or two-line script that just looks at each track, verifies it is physically where it is supposed to be, and then updates the drive ID? It seems like that would be the best solution and solve the problem for anyone else in the future. Perhaps it could be part of the "database maintenance" or "locate/move files" functions.

Maybe I'm being weird about this, maybe I should just give up my metadata. I've had to do it before with MM for this exact reason. But the metadata is one of the things i love most about MM and I use it in lots of autoplaylists etc.

I will open a support case as you ask. Thank you.

Re: In which database field does drive/device ID live for each track?

by Lowlander » Wed May 01, 2019 6:46 pm

Is MediaMonkey showing the drive letter or not for the files that are not working? This Addon should be easy enough: ... n+database If there's an issue with it ask the developer in that forum thread.

However if the full Path including drive letter is shown in MediaMonkey something else may be wrong and maybe the Windows user MediaMonkey is running as doesn't have access rights? Can you play a file that fails in MediaMonkey by opening it from File Explorer with MediaMonkey?

DriveID is assigned by Windows.

Re: In which database field does drive/device ID live for each track?

by Peke » Wed May 01, 2019 6:35 pm

Rant mostly do not help except maybe end in more frustration to one that ranted.

Asking like you is much better and I can try to help.

It is very strange that MMW didn't offered update located tracks unless tracks are already added to MMW library, especially as MM5 recognized tracks on New location.

Often I've found that it is easier to change DRIVE partition ID than change MMW Media ID (even they essentially result in same result).

Can you please open support ticket so that we can go into more details what happen and get to bottom of this before publish here the results and also make (probably) someone happy for not going thru all this like you?

In which database field does drive/device ID live for each track?

by Finsternis » Wed May 01, 2019 5:01 pm

I purchased a new computer, and I'm trying to move my MM database so that I can maintain my metadata. I've tried literally everything available to do this, including the script that supposedly does so. No matter what I try - copying, moving, relocating, using the script, and so on, I can't do it. Every single time I simply always get the "Files from this location are inaccessible." No matter how much I use "locate moved tracks", no matter whether I move them or let MM do it, or the script, it always ends up with the same error message - even when the file are in the exact same drive letter and directory. MM will see the file, list the correct filename and pathname, and the files are available there. But, no dice - "Files are inaccessible." I'm sure everyone will assume I must be doing something wrong, but I'm not. I have triple checked everything as I did it. I'm not seeking help to do it any of those ways. I have followed every instruction in this forum, in the wiki, and in the docs for the script. Nothing works. I've spent far too many hours on this.

So, I give up trying to do it the "easy" way. I have database experience and access to tools that can read and write the SQLite database "MM.DB" so I can change whatever needs to be changed myself. I only have two questions:

First, what is the table and field name where the drive/device ID, or whatever is screwing everything up, is stored? Second, how does MM determine that ID for the new drive so I can replace the old value?

Just as a reference, everything works fine in the MM 5 beta. It reads the same database file and has zero problem locating and playing the files while maintaining the correct metadata from before. But I'd rather not use unreleased software to manage my collection.

I was going to write a rant here about how absurd it is for this to be so difficult, but I'm worn out. I just want tit to work. If I can get the answers to those two questions, I can fix this myself manually.

Thank you.