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Re: Folder (Move)

by pushpull » Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:37 pm

Thanks Lowlander. Sorry for getting back so long afterwards. Been busy with other things. You know, life. I went back and tried this again. Here is what I figured out that worked for me. First off, I couldn't do the cut and paste in the "My Computer" node of the tree. When I tried that, I would lose my play count. Also, there is no way to create a folder in the monitored location in the node, as denoted by the image of the context menu below.


It is possible to do this in the "My Computer" node, as in below.


So, what I ended up doing was to turn on the "Scan Continuously" option in the monitored folders dialog. I never use that option but I decided to do it in this case. I created the folder in the "My Computer" node and then I pasted in a song that I had copied and renamed "placeholder.mpg" because MM won't display a folder without any media in it. After I did that, I was then able to cut and paste folders within the "Location" node and not lose my play count data.

Thanks again Lowlander. I hope this helps others that might need to know as well.

PS. Your handle here always reminds me of this song.

Re: Folder (Move)

by Lowlander » Sun Dec 08, 2019 5:29 pm

Cut & Paste as I mentioned in either the My Computer node or Location node will do the move like in File Explorer.

Folder (Move)

by pushpull » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:23 am

I use a folder structure that goes as follows, a folder named "A" for the "A" artists, "B" for the "B" artists, etc. As I have added music to my library, I have found that some of the folders get quite a few sub-folders in them. Now, I have broken down the main folders to account for this. See the image below for reference. I want to do this some more to other folders. I have tried the Folder (Move) but it only moves the files and not the folder. I ended up just using Windows explorer but the problem with that is I lose all my playcounts, which I rather not do. I ended up readjusting the playcounts by hand the last time. That is tedious. I guess, I could use some advice on how best to do this. If I have to end up using Windows explorer again, does anyone have any suggestions to ease the playcount issue?

What I have found on the forums are the following links. These seem most relevant. Given the bug/feature report 16053, I don't see this as having a fix located somewhere else in the forum. ... ve#p289340