MM Portable directory dialog not working

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Re: MM Portable directory dialog not working

by MiHo » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:18 am

Ooops! My bad, I must be tired. :roll:

I can now expand and select the folders on my F drive. No problem there. So my initial problem was of my own making.

But something is still strange.

I didn't properly look what I was doing and tried to expand folders under my user name in the dialog, not under the drive letter. And that doesn't work, as I initially described. I don't know why this behaves as it does, but it's not a problem for me as I can just select the folders I want from under the drive letter. Maybe this is caused by my slightly unusual windows setup where I have moved my user to a different drive (E:) from where windows is installed (C:).

Anyway, thanks for your quick reply.

Re: MM Portable directory dialog not working

by Lowlander » Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:33 am

Very strange, I have no problems selecting any folder I need scanned on a Portable Install. Can you type the Path and use Add to select it for scanning that way?

MM Portable directory dialog not working

by MiHo » Tue Jul 28, 2020 6:40 am

Hi guys,

I'm new on this forum. So first of all... Hello all!

I have just installed MM as portable on Win 10 Pro and have a problem. I also have a non-portable installation of this version on the same computer and that does not have this problem.

My music library is organized as follows: F:\Music\Compressed\Pop + F:\Music\Compressed\Classic + F:\Music\Original\Pop + F:\Music\Original\Classic
Under the 4 Pop and Classic folders are subfolders for artist\album containing .flac files in the original tree and .mp3 files in the compressed tree

I only want to add the files under the F:\Music\Compressed directory to the library in the portable installation, which I will only use to sync files with my mobile phone.
The problem is that the add/rescan dialog in MM where I can select a directory to add only allows me to select the first folder under the root (F:\Music ). When I click the little > to expand the directory tree to select the Compressed folder, the > disappears from the screen and nothing happens. This happens both in the setup wizard and in File add/rescan menu. The non-portable installation behaves as expected and allows me to expand the F:\Music folder and select the \Compressed subfolder.

Any ideas?