Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

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Re: Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

by davidbspalding » Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:55 pm

Thanks. I realized that I probably had older Apple Mobile Device Support on this system, as I've kept iTunes 9.x which was one of the last, good versions I needed for the older iPod Classic and Nano that I have. Uninstalled, downloaded the latest iTunes (64-bit), Copy-Trans-Driver-Installer (latest version) didn't like that, so did the CTDI automatic install. Upgraded Quicktime manually.

Tried 4.0.7 again, no joy. Deleted all playlists and albums off the iPod in the iPod interface.

Latest development build installed in Portable mode, copied mm.ini and mm.db over from my 4.0.7 installation appdata.

I only synced a couple of podcasts, Marketplace Money, Marketplace, Marketplace Morning report ... in the Podcasts app on the iPod, they are all classified under This American Life (which wasn't synced). There are a few dozen artists' albums showing in the Music app, though I only synced over 2 albums by Robert Rich. Selecting other artist tracks, the player flips through all the tracks supposedly on the device, then returns to browse mode. The music that I actually synced plays normally.

I notice there's no "Rebuild device database" or "Disconnect device" items on the context menu. ?:)

Seems like the database is completely wrong. I'll either have to clear it in iTunes, or reset the device. Pity.

Re: Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

by Lowlander » Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:00 pm

Latest is: ... 96#p362596

I'd personally recommend to run 4.1 as Portable with a copy of your database.

Re: Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

by davidbspalding » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:22 pm

See Addendum note above. I just plugged in the new toy this wknd on a lark, the iPod Nano 3gen works flawlessly with MM 99.9% of the time. It's a super podcast vessel. ;)

Found the footnote here that iOS6, "iTouch 5gen" support are still in Beta. So ... I should download the latest Beta here? I'm loath to install the full iTunes, but will if it's recommended for the Beta...

Question about the dev build ... can i sync the Nano 3gen with 4.0.7, and sync the Touch with 4.1.0B in 'Portable mode,' both using the same dB (which is on a shared NAS, connected by Ethernet)? [CORRECTION] The dB is not on a shared drive, the library is on an NAS, the dB is on the local drive.

Re: Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

by Lowlander » Wed Mar 20, 2013 9:40 am

Which version of MediaMonkey and iTunes are installed?

Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen)

by davidbspalding » Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:19 am

Playlist syncing to an Ipod Touch (5th gen), which MM identifies as "iPhone."

Just started syncing to a 32 gb Touch, using the same play lists that work fine with a Nano 3rd Gen and Classic 7th gen. These are mostly podcasts,[1] orgnanized in auto-playlists. A few music auto-playlists as well (built with rules based on genre, length, time since last played).

The play lists on the Touch are all empty. Music can be browsed by album, artist, song. Podcasts don't seem to show up there. In the Podcasts app ... I see 404 tracks all under This American Life, which comprises about 237 TAL episode, and all the other programs as well.

WTH, anyone else having troubles with iPhones or Touch running iOS 6.1.x?

[1] NPR Car Talk, NPR Marketplace, NPR Marketplace Money, NPR Freakonomics, NPR Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, NPR This American Life, etc.

ADDENDUM: Configured Autosync as per ; Using MM 4.0.7 Gold on Windows 7 64bit; no iTunes, using the minimum driver install documented here.