Syncing help needed

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Re: Syncing help needed

by JulieEdwards » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:43 pm

Thanks, I think I solved this issue. Went more deeply into a menu than I realized I could on MMA. Thanks.

Regarding the greyed out tracks, I *think* I have an idea what's happened. MMW had three profiles for my phone. I deleted all but one. Synced again, hoping it was the solution but those Grey tracks just won't delete. Is there any suggestion to getting rid of them other than manual deletion? . I have over 1200 tracks, deleting them all manually is going to be time consuming. They seem to stay deleted thru syncs, so I don't think they'll come back, just can't get them to delete thru the sync process.
Any suggestions for that problem are greatly appreciated.

Re: Syncing help needed

by Lowlander » Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:51 am

Go in the Device Profile to the sync to Library tab and disable it.

Re: Syncing help needed

by JulieEdwards » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:47 am

"MMA can't delete files from MMW on sync. It can only update metadata and Playlists (if enabled)."

But I think it's adding stuff back to MMW. For example, it's copied tracks to my C drive, (my music is actually stored on my E drive...) and if I've deleted a track in MMW only from the Library and not the computer, they show up again in the library after a sync with MMA.
What do I have checked that's enabling this? It's bad enough I'm deleting triplicate tracks from my phone, I don't want to keep deleting tracks from my C drive as well.
Any thoughts? Thank you in advance!

Re: Syncing help needed

by Lowlander » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:43 pm

Send a debug log from About right after they reappear and open a Support Ticket with the logID.

Re: Syncing help needed

by JulieEdwards » Sun Sep 02, 2018 9:22 pm

"Greyed out, go the Options in MMA and make sure the correct Library folders are selected. Deselect any that are no longer accessible."
Yup, have done that a couple times. They reappear. I'm not joking. I delete, they reappear.

I've reformatted the card again, and now I"m trying just to sync my entire library via wifi now. I wonder if the folder that MMW syncs to isn't where MMA is syncing from, due to the number of times that it's called my phone something else, like Samsung 7, or Samsung GNok987958, or Nikon D750. I thought I'd deleted all those device profiles, but perhaps that's the problem.

Re: Syncing help needed

by Lowlander » Sun Sep 02, 2018 3:28 pm

MMA can't delete files from MMW on sync. It can only update metadata and Playlists (if enabled).

Greyed out, go the Options in MMA and make sure the correct Library folders are selected. Deselect any that are no longer accessible.

Syncing help needed

by JulieEdwards » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:37 pm

Hello all,
I've been using MMW and syncing to an iPod classic for a long time. Recently I've bought a 128GB card and decided just to use my phone since the battery isn't holding a charge in my iPod classic anymore, and I'd really like to completely get rid of iTunes. I bought the MMA app and thought this would be really slick just to use my phone. I can't believe how much trouble this has been to sync and I'm super frustrated with the whole process. I've reformatted the card and uninstalled and reinstalled the ap about 6 times. I have 1300files so re-syncing takes forever.
I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, MMA is whatever version of the app I could have downloaded today.
MMW is version

I've had several issues along the way, some were that the library wasn't seeing files that were there in the folder, another time MMA deleted MMW files, and I have duplicate and in some cases triplicate files that are greyed out. Oh and one time the electricity blinked during a sync and everything went to heck. MMW would see my device plugged in via USB, and the next time I'd plug it in (in an effort to re-sync to get rid of greyed out files) it would name the device something else and try to duplicate all the files again. One time it even called it by my camera name.

I'm guessing with the greyed out duplicates that MMA is evidently seeing a folder or something that should have been gone when I reformatted the card before the last sync. When I try to sync, instead of scanning to see what files have changed, it seems to want to recopy all my files and then tells me I don't have enough room on the card. Do I not understand syncing? All I want it to do is scan and sync whatever has changed on MMW to MMA, as it used to work with my iPod. (If I added a new album or wanted to update my pod casts, it was so easy, why is this so difficult now?)

What am I doing wrong? What setting do I have checked somewhere that enabling MMA to see some dead folder and show these greyed out copies, and how do I stop it from scanning that folder, or from thinking that's the folder it should be using. (How is any of that even there after I reformatted the card and reinstalled the app? )I even realized that I have a lot of stuff in MMW I should get rid of and retag in MMW, so I spent hours doing that last night and today. Then I reformatted the card and synced directly to the card instead of the USB, reinstalled the app, popped the card in and MMA is still seeing those deleted files somewhere and scanning them.

If all I want to do is sync one way, from MMW to MMA, what do I need to have checked in settings to prevent MMA from deleting MMW files?

How long should it take to populate the library on MMA? It literally seems to spin for hours. Is this normal? Sometimes I hit "Check for new/changed media" and nothing happens. Other times I open the app and the little circle just spins for hours until I reboot the phone. I can't try to sync to get rid of those greyed out folders because "sync is waiting for background operations to complete."

I'm really sorry if this doesn't make sense, or if the answer is obvious and I seem like a tech noob. I'm really not too stupid but I can't sort this out. I've followed the Sync wiki steps, though I elected not to try to sync the first time on Wifi since it was clearly going to take days. So I tried USB and directly to the card. I've read threads that go nowhere. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or why this is so difficult.

Thanks in advance,