Featuring MM in a live stream tutorial

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Re: Featuring MM in a live stream tutorial

by MagGyver » Mon Dec 07, 2020 1:57 pm

Fantastic! I'm looking forward to becoming familiar with MM5, but in all honesty I haven't explored it yet.

This first tutorial will be using MM4, and I will be mentioning that MM5 is a whole new application that is almost out of beta. But I am discussing the concepts behind my organizational system in a way that will hopefully be useful to anyone on any platform - using comments for keywords, making use of playlists, etc - so I think the heart of the information will be applicable with either version.

I do plan on making a tutorial in the future which digs in deeper to the specifics of using MMW. Seeing how close MM5 is to release, I may wait a bit longer to get myself acquainted with how it differs, or do two tutorials - one on MM4 now and another on MM5 later. I heavily use certain extensions and scripts which may take some time to be ported over to MM5, so depending on how long that process takes and whether you guys will continue to support MM4 for a while after MM5 is released, it may still be helpful to users to cover MM4.

Re: Featuring MM in a live stream tutorial

by Peke » Sun Dec 06, 2020 10:04 pm

All I can say you will have one follower. MM5 is big evolution and it certainly needs tutorial around old MM usage habits.

Featuring MM in a live stream tutorial

by MagGyver » Sat Dec 05, 2020 1:05 pm

Hey all,

I'm a longtime enthusiast and Gold license holder for MMW and MMA. Just love the featureset and this community has been immeasurably helpful to me over the years. As an IT professional and a DJ, I get asked a lot about how I manage my music library and I'm always delighted to recommend MMW to other Windows users (and to the envy of all my Mac-based DJ friends who see MM in action with my setup - at least until the next version hopefully).

I've enjoyed building a community surrounding my Twitch channel this year and by popular request from my fellow chat citizens, I'll be starting up a tutorial stream series soon and my first episode will heavily feature MMW in my workflow of how I manage incoming music and prepare files for use while DJing etc.

I recognize everyone may have their own workflow and mine may differ from yours, but I'm hoping that by sharing mine, I can help others to fine-tune their own organizational systems and maybe even learn some new ideas from other fellow enthusiasts.

Not trying to self-promote here as much as share the joy of having discovered MMW way back in 2005 and how central it still really is to my workflow. And if MM5 ends up becoming available for other OS platforms...well...I will happily be able to recommend MM to an even wider swath of audiophiles! :D