Requesting an Art&Details panel improvement

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Re: Requesting an Art&Details panel improvement

by gamb2009 » Thu May 02, 2019 3:38 pm

Thank you, very much!

Re: Requesting an Art&Details panel improvement

by Ludek » Thu May 02, 2019 1:37 pm

FYI: Column count configuration (1,2,3) added in build 2174

Re: Requesting an Art&Details panel improvement

by Ludek » Thu May 02, 2019 5:42 am

to make it single column one can just find this piece of code in artWindow.js :

Code: Select all

if (_fieldNum % 2 == 1) // to be 2-column layout (#13406)
   column1_HTML = column1_HTML + fieldHTML;
   column2_HTML = column2_HTML + fieldHTML;
and change it just to

Code: Select all

column1_HTML = column1_HTML + fieldHTML;
and delete this line below:

Code: Select all

'    <div class="fill flex column">' + column2_HTML + '</div>' +

But I re-opened to make the number of columns customizable or a more easily changeable by an addon.

Requesting an Art&Details panel improvement

by gamb2009 » Wed May 01, 2019 9:59 am

One of the features that makes MediaMonkey 5 amazing and with no comparison, is the ability to turn your music collection into a data base. When you start filling fields in properties panel or even, when you create your own custom fields (e.i. opus number, date of composition, etc.), you start to find suprising connections and unexpected information otherwise missed. With the actual addition into built of Wikipedia links in alternative languages, MediaMonkey 5 becomes really a cultural experience. Many thanks for such a great work.

But... this encourages me to ask for one more big detail and improvement: the display of track data in the Art&Detal panel. More precisely, when you set and choose several fields to appear (Advance adjustments). The arrangement in two columns is a mess. No mater the size of the text, I have not found the way to reduce it to just one column, that would allow a more easy to read area of the screen. I would dare to suggest the use of one single column of info, ordered like "Field name" + line break + "Field content"+ line break + "Next field name" + line break + "Next field content" , etc. Each field content line with text wrapping, so you could arrange long descriptions (in Classical Music is very common). Another feature that would be of real luxury: when you have manage to fill "Involved people" puting there the members of an ensemble with "name: instrument-played;...", it would be magnificente that in Art&Details panel that list of involved people could display in a list. To explain this in another way, what I would like to have is something that recreates in MM5 the "SoundInformation Panel", an addon that was available for MM4.

Thank you for the great job you are doing.