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Re: Increase the number of available tags

by yarguy » Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:54 am

Yes, all the custom fields created in MM4 are available in MM5. However, they cannot be used as nodes in the media tree. I think a list of compositions would make quite an unwieldy list, but I think the artist node is pretty unwieldy for the same reason. Custom fields can, however, be used in the column browser, which I find a more useful approach than tree nodes in any case. You can also create a second custom field for the movement title, usually called Part in classical tagging as it is used for arias/duets/etc in operas and oratorios as well. It does require some work to enter Work and Part tags as they are difficult to get automatically. Musicbrainz does have a Work entry for each track (usually called "part of ...") but I haven't been able to extract it for tagging and Musicbrainz does not have a separate entry for Part. Discogs often has its classical music entries laid out in Work and Part form; again, I am not able to extract this information. However, even with custom fields Work and Part, MM4 & MM5 don't have the ui that would allow displays such as that at Discogs (see an example at ... se/4751719). The music player roon does have such displays and does get Work and Part information automatically (and plays the higher resolution formats that MM5 seems to have disdained in favour of MP3 only player Google Music making MM less competive with developments in music software such those at as roon and JRiver). In MM4 I can use the custom field Work and the add-on Linked Tracks to play whole classical works with one click; unfortunately Ventis has not implemented anything like Linked Tracks in MM5 making it much less useful for classical music (in addition to the whole won't play the higher resolution files which are increasingly common in classical music).

Re: Increase the number of available tags

by psweetie » Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:11 am

does this mean we can access the Work tag too in MM5 as that is key for classical music, would also be good if we could add this one to the tree nodes. Same is also true for the albumartissort tags etc. which are obv used for sorting . . . ?


Re: Increase the number of available tags

by Peke » Sun May 19, 2019 3:29 pm

In addition to above MM5 also support any Extended tags written according to tag format even names are non standard. eg. You can define custom Tag and name "Me Test Tag".

Re: Increase the number of available tags

by Lowlander » Sun May 19, 2019 2:58 pm

Comment, Conductor, Grouping are available tags and Key will be available in MediaMonkey 5.

See: ... erties/4.0

Increase the number of available tags

by Phil_B » Sun May 19, 2019 12:47 pm

There are a number of tags defined that you don't implemen. Comment is the main one I would like to see from the standard tag definitions.

There is a set of extended tag definitions and I'd love to see those implemented. As a classical music listener I could make good use of the tags Conductor, Key and Grouping (or sub-genre). I'm sure there are others that other users would use.

Why not be the ONLY mp3 app out there with FULL tag implementation? Wouldn't that be good marketing opportunity? I'd definitely pay for that.