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Re: each time a new profile

by M.Moeritz » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:46 am

Hi, unfortunately I have no information about the devices you are talking about, I have an Erisin device. Because of the many problems I have just in MM, I have not yet come to do with the profiles. I have problems with the cover, earliest date, syncronisation and the profiles, I report as soon as I get to the profiles, first listen to music without problems ;-)

Re: each time a new profile

by Peke » Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:51 pm

M.Moeritz wrote:Okay, I'll do it at the weekend.
Have you had time to do more tests?

Re: each time a new profile

by Peke » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:20 pm

If you are willing to do it I would suggest that you reset MMA (so that new profile is started on first sync) and delete all MMW profiles for device (yes all profiles are stored in MMW).

Downside is that you would need to resync all tracks when this is done/fixed :( but only few would be enough for now.

As HU like yours uses USB external and also SDCards it would be interesting to see how MMA behaves if you only select each storage independently eg. Internal storage (Disable others in MMW) and sync and then repeat same for other storage.

NOTE: do not forget that along MMW log http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... ?f=20&t=69 also state MMA sent LOG IDs.

I'm sorry if I ask too much, but I plan to buy one of these devices and for months beside waiting to have Android 7.1.1 I can't decide if to go with Joying or Dasaita or Winlink

WinLink -> https://www.aliexpress.com/store/produc ... 21907.html
Dasaita -> http://www.hot-audio.com/product/Dasait ... E-128.html
Joying -> https://www.carjoying.de/vestempcp/quic ... iew/id/507 or https://www.carjoying.de/vestempcp/quic ... iew/id/345

Suggestion on decision?

Re: each time a new profile

by M.Moeritz » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:31 pm

Okay, I'll do it at the weekend. The profiles I can only delete directly in MMW or is still stored somewhere else?

Re: each time a new profile

by Peke » Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:21 am

First thing you need to do is to delete all profiles for Erisin 3015V and then create both MMW log as described http://www.mediamonkey.com/forum/viewto ... ?f=20&t=69 and send two MMA debug logs after each sync completed (even no files are actually synced) as we need to compare what Erisin send to MMW and what MMW see in order to analyze what access MMA have.

each time a new profile

by M.Moeritz » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:21 pm

Hello, is it a known problem that under certain conditions again and again new profiles are created?

I have an Android Autoradio version 5.1.1. I take one of my mobile phones as a hotspot and syncronize my playlists. Each time a new profile is created by the device. To top it all, it has also 2 SD cards for the naturally also new profiles to be created. Can I avoid this? Is working on a solution to the problem? Can I perhaps help with logs?