Add/Rescan fails to update library

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Re: Add/Rescan fails to update library

by andrewpiana » Tue Jun 30, 2020 9:42 am

i too have faced this

Re: Add/Rescan fails to update library

by Lowlander » Wed Mar 13, 2019 10:00 am

Are you checking through the Entire > Library > Location node (enable under File > Manage Collections)? With any other Collection the files may not match the Criteria for that Collection.

Can you play a file in MediaMonkey that fails to scan from Explorer? Which version of MediaMonkey are you using and do you have the MediaMonkey Codec Pack (which version) installed?

Add/Rescan fails to update library

by carolyn574 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:32 am

I am scanning a mapped drive to a NAS device attached to my wireless router. I scan from the network folder mapped as a drive locally. Auto Organize has never been enabled for exactly this reason...I use the location to navigate to everything in MM as well as when using DLNA.

I just discovered that the files are being added to the library but do not show in the tree under location (which is the only navigable way to watch my large library using the DLNA server).

(I hope I can describe this well is what is happening from what I just discovered) I have a location tree something like
T:\My Video\Bob Newhart\Season 1\
T:\My Video\Bob Newhart\Season 2\
T:\My Music\Some Artist\Album\etc.

I typically only rescan folders/sub folders where I have added/removed content. Adding files to a sub folder that is populated doesn't seem to have a problem...the new file will show up in the existing sub folder although I haven't done this a lot so it may have a problem.

When I look in the library tree under the Newhart items (for example) it will only show one subfolder and 1 file in that subfolder. When I rescan the location the files/sub folders show up then immediately are removed from the location tree when the scan completes. In the MM tree however, there is a folder for "All". If I look under that one I see the missing files, so they are in the library but the library is not populated correctly under the tree.

Here is specifically how it behaves:
Click Bob Newhart and make sure folder is checked, press insert, press OK...MM rescans entire subfolder structure but nothing populates in the location tree.
Click Bob Newhart, uncheck Bob Newhart and then check all 6 sub folders, press OK...MMM rescans and adds the sub folders but no files. rescan season 1 with the sub folder selected in MM and I can watch the files populate under the location and everything looks fine for season 1. As soon as I collapse the tree in the left pane the season 1 subfolder and files disappear from the tree. the files remain in the library under All.

This is a problem because I use the UPnP/DLNA to watch these shows throughout my house and if I browse "All" it is impossible to navigate all the files. If I browse by folder the files are not populated so I cannot access them.

I have checked the categories for the files and everything looks correct. File 1 that populates has exactly the same properties as file 2 that does not populate in the tree correctly. Again, this started happening a few days ago and affects new content as well as old and I can't find a cause. The newhart folder is old and I did not originally rescan that folder...the files just disappeared from the tree but exist under All. One new folder I added does not populate while another I added does. There doesn't seem to be a seems to be random although I'm sure there's some specific commonality that I can't see. I have also tried rescanning the entire library which takes forever and does not have any effect.