Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

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Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:31 am

Thanks! Using the Art & Details panel is helping a lot, at least in terms of avoiding those hang-ups.

It's still returning a lot of the garbage-character results, though. Maybe that's just something I just have to wait for an update on?

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Ludek » Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:45 am

bdb484 wrote: Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:06 am Just sent. Thanks for taking a look!

I see, in your freeze log it failed to find the lyrics on all the servers and overally it took more than 30 seconds so freeze log was generated.

Code: Select all

        227.875s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        228.657s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        228.829s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        228.829s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        228.844s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        229.297s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        229.297s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        229.297s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        230.016s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        230.016s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        230.016s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        230.407s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        230.407s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        230.891s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        230.891s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        230.891s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        231.547s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        231.547s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        232.282s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        232.282s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        232.688s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        232.688s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        232.704s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        233.422s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        233.422s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        233.422s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        243.313s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        243.313s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        243.797s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        243.797s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        243.797s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        244.625s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        244.625s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        245.641s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        245.641s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        246.047s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        246.047s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        246.063s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        246.813s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        246.813s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        247.235s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        247.235s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        247.719s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        247.719s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        248.297s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        248.297s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        248.297s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        249.344s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        249.344s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send249.344s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        249.766s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        249.766s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        250.485s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        250.485s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        250.485s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        250.938s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_whatNext continue
        250.938s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_SearchSend
        251.422s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        251.422s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        251.438s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        252.110s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        252.110s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        252.110s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        253.172s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        253.172s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        253.172s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
        253.579s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_LoadWebPageFailed
        253.579s - PID:8380 - lyricsSearch.js:_Calling search send
        253.579s - PID:8380 - TIndyHTTP.GetResponseContent started:_URL:_, RequestBody:_
Workarounds are:
- use lyrics searching only in the 'Art & Details' panel where it is always performed on background
- use MedieMonkey 5 (where it is always performed on background -- also in the Properties > Lyrics)
- use release version of MediaMonkey 4 that don't generate the freeze log after 30 seconds of UI freeze

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Erwin Hanzl » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:17 am

Just for info: My working settings for "Lyricator 1.5.0.":


Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Peke » Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:51 am

Great, thx.

I FWD to devs for an analyze, can you PM email you used log sending, so that we can track them down faster?

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 12:06 am

Just sent. Thanks for taking a look!

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Peke » Thu Mar 19, 2020 9:52 pm

This really looks like something is blocking MM and its plugins. Can you please create support ticket or send me PM with download link to a debug log file created using steps described at ... ?f=21&t=69 in order that we can check what responses MM get when you try to search for lyrics?

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 3:28 pm

I'm getting the weird results when I run the built-in lyric search, but not with Lyricator. I don't know what sources it taps into, or if there's any way for me to tweak those.

For Lyricator, though, I tried each source individually, and I got the same result with each: it will show that it searching for as long as I'll let it, and it never returns lyrics.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Peke » Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:46 pm

try to limit sources in lyricator one by one to find one that is returning wrong lyrics.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:39 pm

I have not limited myself to a single source, at least not voluntarily.

When using the built-in option, I don't know of any way to limit the sources I use, so I assume I'm still accessing everything available.

When using Lyricator, I have all the available options checked.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Erwin Hanzl » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:32 am

by thehammer » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:23 pm
Warning: It is not a good idea to choose just one lyrics source and run multiple tracks against it. Many sites are now monitoring traffic via IP address and will either throttle your traffic or lock you out either temporarily or permanently. Selecting multiple sources allows for some time in between calls to a particular lyrics site, especially in cases where lyrics are not found.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:15 pm

I had it set to complete optimization initially, switched it and switched it back, but I'm still getting the same behavior, both with the built-in functions and with Lyricator.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Lowlander » Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:24 am

For problems with Lyricator you should be in it's forum thread: ... =lyricator

As for the build in option, have you tried File > Maintain Library with complete optimization?

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:14 am

Sorry -- same antivirus/Defender arrangement.

I've updated Killer, but Lyricator continues to do nothing.

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by Erwin Hanzl » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:17 am

No answer?
I work without antivirus software, but with Windows-Defender real-time protection - and you?

Please check your Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1435 Wireless Network Adapter ... k-manager/

Re: Lyric search hanging, returning nonsense

by bdb484 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:58 pm

I've updated fully. Lyricator continues to do nothing.