can someone please explain the column behaviour?

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can someone please explain the column behaviour?

by Volny » Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:12 pm

Hi, I've been using MediaMonkey for many years, and throughout all that time I've never quite gotten a handle on how the columns in the library work. They seem to have a mind of their own, and seem to rearrange and readjust width when I'm not looking. I'm sure there's a logic to it, but it's one that's not quite intuitive to me.

So, for example, here's my library at the moment:


The Title, Date, and Length columns are how I remember leaving them - all good. However, I don't remember placing the Filename column so prominently far to the left (I rarely use it). And I thought I'd disabled the Album column entirely (since I can see my albums in the top section, as you can see). And I definitely don't remember making the Track# column so wide (why would I?). This sort of thing happens all the time, where the width/order/layout of columns seems to change without my realising it. I'm sure sometimes it's just me forgetting that I adjusted something, but I feel like there's more to it than that - like some automatic behaviours that I'm not aware of.

I should mention that I have 3 monitors, and frequently shift MM from one to the other, maximised in each case (I have it on a side monitor while I'm working, and on my central monitor if I'm actively organising my library.) I don't notice the column sizes/layout change when I do this, but maybe it does affect it in some circumstances? My side monitors are in portrait mode, which is why this is a noticeable issue for me in the first place, as information easily gets cropped in portrait mode if the columns aren't compact enough.

I would really appreciate if someone could talk me through how these columns behave. For example, which elements (width, order, choice of columns, etc.) remain persistent from one view to the next (eg. going from Entire Library to a single playlist). Which (if any) elements will attempt to auto-size to fit available content. What other factors can influence the width/layout/order/choice of columns....