MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

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Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by terryo » Sun Feb 24, 2019 7:26 am

Every track shows a Track Level and an Album Level. I weeded out the exclamation points based on what I read on the forum. I individually processed the tracks with levels that were greater than +20 dB to remove any that were corrupted or problematic.

Volume Leveling option settings:
"Level Playback/Sync volume:" is "per Track"
"Level ripped tracks:" is per Album

I believe these are the defaults. I don't understand enough to change them.

Under General
"Only analyze files with unknown leveling adjust" is checked
"When analyzing Track volume, also analyze Album volume" is checked

On Rip CD:
"Level Track Volume" is checked

Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by Lowlander » Sat Feb 23, 2019 1:28 pm

Do they all have Album Level as well?

Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by terryo » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:48 am

The one thing that did not get corrected changing Player to "Play selected files only" is the behavior if I activate "Automatically analyze the volume of unanalyzed files." With that on, MMW crawls excruciatingly through startup and exhibits quirky behavior randomly when attempting to switch tracks.

This seems especially weird to me because at the moment all 208,934 tracks in my library have a Track Level. It's like MMW is wasting clock cycles assessing something unneccessarily.

Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by terryo » Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:39 am

Thanks! You nailed it. I have had it set to "Clear list & play selected + subsequent" since I installed MMW.

What I don't understand is why just adding Track Leveling so radically changed the behavior of MMW. Why I am now required to run MMW only with Player set to "Play selected files only"?

Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by Peke » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:00 pm

In addition to above, are you using any of library plugins that can slowdown MMW.

I tested it on my main Library 120k and had no issues like you describe.

If you think that it will help please open Support Ticket and supply us with log as described at ... p?f=7&t=69 and we will see what to do next and where stall happen.

Re: MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by Lowlander » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:54 pm

It sounds like you're loading all files each time which is controlled by 'Play Now' Action under Tools > Options > Playback Rules. Switch it to Play selected files only.

MMW4 whacked after trying to switch to track leveling

by terryo » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:16 pm

Track leveling looked irresistible so I took the plunge, despite the fact that I can't interrupt functionality for long because I do a weekly radio show.

I have 208,000+ tracks and it took close to 2 days for MMW to calculate all the levels. Now MMW has bizarre quirks particularly on the collection "Music" (the whole library playlist). I've rifled the Forum threads on several symptoms and can't find the clue to get MMW collection "Music" back to reasonable functionality. Stats: MMW in Win 10 on i7, 16 GB ram, 4TB HD.

All of what I will describe was worse before I turned off "Automatically analyze volume of unanalyzed files:" With that on, just getting MMW initialized took forever. And forget about changing tracks.

I also tried to fix it by changing the Auto DJ/Now Playing from the defaults. "Automatically retain 0 (also tried 1) previous files." Auto DJ is not enabled. (and set to "Automatically maintain at least NONE upcoming files in Now Playing"

I did a full "Maintain Database" and nothing improved.

All of the hangs below occur only under "Music." All the other playlists and Now Playing work as they should. The View for Music is Main Menu, Media Tree, Player, Art & Details, Show details, all of which are unchanged from before I did track leveling.

The first track selected after startup plays immediately. When I double click on another track, MMW hangs for long times in a following sequence.

The next track does not start for 10-30 seconds. When it finally starts, the top bar (File Edit View...) is gone, "Now Playing: Reading files..." appears at the bottom and MMW is frozen, playing music, but totally unresponsive with the "I'm busy" cursor.

1-3 minutes later, the "Now Playing: Reading files..." disappears. Then it takes another minute or two for the top bar to reappear and the 'I'm busy' hoop snake to disappear.

Every change of track starts this same cycle. The cycle is shortened if I let a track play for 2-3 minutes or more before changing.

The first weird thing I noticed immediately after Track Leveling was one song was listed as being unable to decode. I tried to play it MMW locked up. It continued to lock up on restart. I deleted that track through Explorer and MMW finally recovered. Then I deleted it from the library.

The other weird thing is Now Playing loads the entire last playlist just before I went to Now Playing. If Music gets loaded there, I can switch tracks instantly just like before. But trying to do this directly under Music hangs MMW.

So how do I get the Collection "Music" back to working properly? And why is Now Playing sucking up every track in the previously selected playlist regardless of my settings saying to keep 1 or none.

I've used the debug version before, but I don't how to get it to capture what is going on now.

I am totally dependent on MMW for doing my radio show. I can't live without it. It is a godsend. I program on the fly, live, in the moment. I regularly click through dozens of tracks in seconds to find the next tune that will keep the vibe going. I don't even remember how to do my radio show without MMW.

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