Mirrored Synchronization

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Re: Mirrored Synchronization

by Clevelandkid » Fri Apr 19, 2024 12:38 pm

Ian, and Admins.

Thank you much for your reply. Some valuable information that I will keep in mind when I do the synchronization.

My Main issue is with the actual execution of the process, and what selections I should make from the menus, drop downs and options (and something called a sync list?) I should make, in order to be able to mirror the changes (i.e. added and deleted tracks since the previous Sync.) that were made to the MMW Library and have them then reflected on my MMA phone's library.

I understand that in this case, if the selections are not configured right, the changes (added or deleted tracks) that are made in the MMW Library may not be carried over (updated) into the MMA Phone's Library.
Again, the objective is to have any of those changes (modifications) made to MMW's library, be reflected (mirrored) on my MMA's library after the sync.
I guess a "step by step" layed out instruction would be helpful and appreciated.

Kindest regards,

Re: Mirrored Synchronization

by IanRTaylorUK » Sun Apr 14, 2024 11:23 am

Sync device using a USB connection first! Be clear whether you are synching to the Phone's storage or a Micro SD card in the phone. A 256 GB Micro SD card should hold a few thousand tracks; a 1 TB card can hold 20,000 or more tracks - obviously depending on what else in stored.

You might want to synchronise your device by Playlist using MMW. Create a Playlist and under the Devices and Services node, check you device is present and select Sync List (Library ---> Device) and just choose a single playlist.

Once the device has been synchronised, you can check things like the folder structure on the device, how the files display in MMA. You can then change something minor in MMW5 (e.g. Genre) and then check to see when you re-sync, whether the changes carry over from MMW to the device.

Repeat until you get everything just how you want and everything looks right for you in MMA. Now add a few more Playlists and repeat. Once you have some confidence etc., try a WiFi sync. WiFi sync is considered by many to be better / faster

Also, don't forget to listen to the music on the device / speakers / headphones to make sure the quality is to your liking. In the device sync profile you can set conversion and change the file format and quality. This can be used to optimise the file size on the device and thus maximise the number of tracks.

Always try to let the sync finish!! This is why I think it is good to start with a few tracks and build up...

Check the artwork shows well for every Playlist / Album / Artist. Some choices in MMW5 might be specific to the devices e.g. maximum resolution of artwork; supported formats.

Hope this is useful.

Mirrored Synchronization

by Clevelandkid » Sat Apr 13, 2024 10:03 pm

Hello All,

I am getting ready to do a synchronization of my Desktop MMW to my S10 + cell phone, (which I haven't done in quite a while) when I realized that it was not as "cut and dry" for folks that are not used to a whole plethora of options and choices leading to variable final outcomes.

Granted, I know that the subject has been discussed in this forum before, but after trying to follow the help knowledge base,
I have found it rather confusing to follow, especially to MM users that are not all that familiar with navigating through all the different tabs and menus.

In my particular case, I am looking for something more direct and an un-complicated instruction on how to navigate through the setting choices I need to make, in order to have the updates I've made to my MMW Library reflected in the MMA phone. (With any of the new songs I added and any accidental "duplicated" songs deleted that I found in the MMW.)

My fear is that I would mis-interpret the instructions from the Help Knowledge base and wind up with double the number of files in my phone.
The goal is to just have the changes I've made in the MMW library (since the last Sync.) and to have those changes applied to the MMA phone Library.

A simplified instruction on how to achieve this process would be greatly appreciated.