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by pkfeldman
Mon Dec 21, 2015 11:27 am
Forum: Need Help? (mmw)
Topic: What's new in 4.1.10
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What's new in 4.1.10

When a new version of MediaMonkey for Windows is released, is there any posting as to what specifically has been added or changed, and which bugs have been addressed? The notice says close to 30 bugs were fixed, but it does not itemize them. Also I was disappointed that Bit Depth was not added to th...
by pkfeldman
Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:00 pm
Forum: Wishlist (mmw)
Topic: Bit depth [#11732]
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Show Bit Depth on the File Properties / Details tab

The Details tab of the File Properties box has Sample Rate and Bitrate, but not Bit Depth. It seems like an obvious omission. Please add that to the bottom section of that page, maybe under Bitrate. Thank you.
by pkfeldman
Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:17 pm
Forum: Need Help? (mmw)
Topic: Editing the Media Tree
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Editing the Media Tree

How do I change the attribute that a certain tree node expands down to? In Classical Music, <Genre> opens up to <Artist> when expanded, and <Composer> expands to <Album>. I would rather have <Genre> expand to <Composer>, which then to <Album>. Is there a way to make that change? Thank you.