mediamonkey suddenly "newly installed" again

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mediamonkey suddenly "newly installed" again

Post by hanne »

i have been using mediamonkey this past week, and i was really starting to like it when it suddnely (when i opened it this evening) claimed that it was the first time i was using it, and the skin was differnt and my library with all the information was missing and the language had changed to english. it was back at default again, i guess :( but i don't understand why it did that, i hadn't changed anything, and it worked fine a couple of hours ago.

anybody got a clue what happened?
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Post by sonicendeavor »

Sounds like your database is damaged or missing.
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\My Documents\
My Music\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.mdb

Hopefully you have a backup. If not, I highly recommend a weekly backup of that database.

If it's still there, but damaged, you can try the "Compact Database" under the File/Maintain Library menu in Media Monkey.
Also, if you have Microsoft Access installed on your computer, you could try to use the database repair function.
I've never had a problem with the MM database, but it is a MS Access database, and I know from writing several MS Access applications that the databases do get corrupted occasionally.

Fortunately, most of the information in the library is also stored in the MP3 files, so if you have to re-import your music, you won't have lost too much.
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Post by Bex »

It can also be your mediamonkey.ini file that has been deleted (together with your database). They are located in your my music folder.

You have done something with that folder haven't you?
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Post by hanne »

the thing is, i haven't! not tha i can remember, anyway, and not between the time mediamonkey functioned and the time it was back at default. hm.

i've been trying to locate the mediamonkey.mdb-file everybody's talking about, but i can't seem to find it.

oh, but i did find this other file just called mediamonkey, with the note-icon, and apparantely the entire library was there, though without the information.

i can see there is a ms access-file there too, about 4996 kb big. don't know how to do ANYTHING with ms access.

Post by hanne »

hm, ok, it seems the mediamonkey.mdb-file somehow went missing, 'cause when i restored the library just now, it created a new mdb-file. just wish i knew what happened in the first place, or remembered what i may have done :P
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