music won't play on ipod nano

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music won't play on ipod nano

Post by clagarde »

I syncronized my library to my ipod nano but when I go to play it the info comes on the screen and it says it is playing but no sound. Did I do something wrong or is Apple somehow preventing my music from playing?
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Post by Blake »

If you can access the songs on the iPod then you have done nothing wrong on the computer side of things.
There has been no reports at all about Apple blocking out the music from playing...

Your problem is probably with the iPod itself.

Have you checked the earphones?
Is the volume limiter up?

If you have iTunes installed on your computer then you should try doing a sync with a couple of songs to see if they work then.
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Post by Peke »

You can try use settings specific to iPods File/Folder naming inside iPod plugin settings.
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