General update on Vista support

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General update on Vista support

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I'm just catching up with MM after a while away, so apologies, in advance, if I'm reiterating a question already asked.

I can see that MM is now at v3 beta1 stage, but can someone please update me on progress with MM in relation to compatibility with Vista?

Thank you.
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I'm using MM B1 under Vista x86 it's workin fine. MM 3 is offically supporting Vista.
I used MM 2.5 under Vista, I don't know what's not workin with that.
So just grab the newest beta and enjoy the monkey under Vista
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Remember that beta versions are for testing purposes. They may contain bugs that could result in loss/corruption of songs.

But KingKong is correct that MediaMonkey 2.x don't have Windows Vista support and that MediaMonkey 3.x does support Windows Vista.
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Good to know.

Thanks to both of you. :)
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