Overseas Users Pay More For MediaMonkey

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Is it ok to ripoff overseas fans?

Poll ended at Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:24 pm

No - one code, one world, one price.
Yes - the local kids should make good.
No votes
Dunno - maybe it's a currency thing and we can trust MediaMonkey to sort it out so that it's fair to all?
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Overseas Users Pay More For MediaMonkey

Post by clancolin » Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:24 pm

I just went to purchase a Gold lifetime membership just now, but I'm totally put off by the increase in price as I'm not buying in US dollars. :(

According to 2 sources (one of which is XE.COM a major currency house) a license costing $34.95 equates to 17.23 GBP. According to MediaMonkey's purchase form however, $34.95 equates to 18.91 GBP - quite a difference.

Converting back, MediaMonkey will cost me $3.40 more to buy, and then you add on 19% Sales and Vat tax, which beefs the price of a $34.95 licence to $45.68!
(VAT in the UK is 17% by the way and we don't have Sales Tax so where does the extra 2% come from?) :evil:

You might argue that complaining about sums like these is trivial, but multiply that figure of $10+ by the number of overseas purchasers and you have a tidy sum - all of which is to the disadvantage of overseas purchasers. Come on MediaMonkey, play fair. :(

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Post by rovingcowboy » Sun Dec 09, 2007 1:20 pm

it's that British royal crown. they got to get their part of the pie also.

there was a big todo about that some time ago.
you must have missed it?
called the American revolution? :roll: :wink:

we got rid of all that dumb tax with out reason stuff.

only now we got congress members here that act like they
can just take our money any time they want.

but we can vote them out. it's just that most people here
are dumb and don't vote out the rip off artists. :(
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Post by paulmt » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:14 pm

Well I think it should be one price, especially if your buying online and getting the "code" via email.
The price should be set in $US and the buy price wherever you live be whatever that is converted to your currency.
Actually I thought this was what happened?

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Post by nohitter151 » Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:26 pm

Why don't you just buy at US currency and the use Paypal to pay? Paypal will do the currency exchange for you and then you should be paying the US price.
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Post by Drummo » Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:51 am

The answer, as nohitter correctly points out, is to simply buy and pay in USD.

The same issue exists with Ozzie currency and is not unique to MM - there are frequently differences in software prices quoted in USD and other currencies, in many cases far greater than with MM's prices.

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Post by trixmoto » Mon Dec 10, 2007 4:50 am

The British price was worked out at the exchange rate when the US price was decided. They can't update it every day to keep up with the change in exchange rates!! If you want to pay the US amount, pay it, but note that you'll probably pay more commission changing your GBP to USD than you reckon the difference is at the current exchange rates.
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Re: Overseas Users Pay More For MediaMonkey

Post by lobojon » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:47 pm

I am traveling in Europe and all my software updates will cost me more and with a tax I would not pay in the US. This sux. Nope, just clicking on the pay in USD does not give me the price my friend is quoted in the US.

Everyone wants to extract their unearned slice of the pie. Yummmy.

Maybe the Monkey and other outfits will allow us the coupons and payments when the computer is physically in US airspace?
Will I have to pay an exportation tax when I take my laptop to the USA?
Maybe they should add an importation tax for downloading onto a USA purchased machine.
Maybe the Americans should charge me some sort of administrative fee.
Oh, so many ideas for taxation without representation.
I am a citizen vassal who loves the Monkey, please don't burn me on your cross.

I never leave nonsense like this in the fora and fauna section, but this is in the thread at least, yo.
Peace out.

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Whooo hooooo.
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Re: Overseas Users Pay More For MediaMonkey

Post by Lowlander » Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:55 pm

Foreign pricing is out of the hands of MediaMonkey, it is determined by Element 5 which is the payment processor for MediaMonkey.
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Re: Overseas Users Pay More For MediaMonkey

Post by Grank » Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:16 pm

Frankly, Element 5 is just about the worst online payment processing I have seen in many years. I'm rather fed up with them, there's no reason for them to be this totally useless at the core of what they supposedly DO and I honestly think they're costing you customers. I'm trying to get you to take my money and Element 5 is making it unnecessarily difficult. I love your product, but I hope you haven't signed some sort of long-term contract with them because I honestly think you should tell them off and get a real company that knows what the hell they're doing!!! Maybe you could get Digital River to switch you over to another one of the countless payment processing companies they've apparently acquired without unifying or improving whatsoever; just find one that doesn't feel the need to kill foreigners on the exchange rate, nor:
  • unnecessarily hold Visa and PayPal payments for processing for some undetermined 4- or 12- or 24- or 48- (what they tell you depends on what payment method you use and what planets are in alignment that day) hour period for an unknown reason. (Surely it would be RETARDED to wait for an electronic purchase until a physical employee person eyeballs each already confirmed payment...?) When someone buys something online that will be delivered through email it should be INSTANT, and at the absolute LEAST if it's not going to be instant it should TELL YOU THAT BEFORE YOU BUY IT,
  • then send an email with a link telling you to login to view your order status, even though you didn't actually register for an account since the registration step said it was optional, so you have to use the password reset process in order to get into the account they apparently made anyway and expected you would do that for (so why make the step optional then),
  • then when you go through that reset process and log into your account, you find the PayPal payment you just put through must have disappeared into the ether because there's NO order number there at all, it tells you that you have no active orders, and sure enough you go check your PayPal and there's no transaction listed there, and you'd like to cancel it to make sure you don't get charged if you try another payment method, which their email says not to do, but you can't cancel an order if it's not listed under orders on your account,
  • then you put a second order through, and pick Visa this time, assuming the idiotic hold period is just for PayPal (spoiler alert: nope. Actually with PayPal it told me it'd "normally" be within 4 hours, but with Visa it told me it'd "normally" be within 12 hours. Not sure if the difference is because of the two different payment types or because the order attempts were 45 min. apart and in the meantime they went home for the day or to bed wherever they operate or something)... No such luck, but that second order at least DOES show up in my account, so at least I know I'll be getting the product I ordered, eventually, when they feel like it...
Come on guys. You're better than this. If the hold-up for going from payment submission to license key acquisition is on your end, you desperately need to automate that process like EVERYone else in the e-commerce world does. But I'm pretty sure, since the "NO YOU MUST WAIT" emails come from Element5, that it's just that they are tools. Either way, if I didn't adore MediaMonkey, I sure as hell would have given up after my PayPal submission evaporated and I would have instead switched to another product. You can't count on all of your potential customers to be this loyal. :(

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